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RoseCameron_pr Drawing on the insights of Euro RSCG Worldwide’s proprietary study of millennials and Gen Xers titled, "Gender Shift: Are Women the New Men” Rose Cameron, Chief Strategy Officer, Euro RSCG Chicago, will uncover the misunderstood aspects of marketing to millennial women at the 7th annual M2W® – The Marketing to Women Conference, April 13 & 14, 2011 at the Chicago Cultural Center.

“The millennials are a generation like no other. They have grown up in the ‘postfeminist’ era, with women broadly acknowledged as men’s equals – if not always treated as such.” Cameron explained, “The notion of ‘women’s liberation’ is a dusty artifact, of no relevance to young people other than as a source of humor or historical context.”

“They are more mobile, more multicultural, and more fluid adopters – and adapters – of new technologies than any generation that has come before. They live in a world without roadmaps or commonly recognized authorities, creating their own content, communication channels, and life paths. My session will show marketers how to adapt their messaging to these unique realities.”

Cameron will be joined by over 30 other speakers, notably Marti Barletta, President of the TrendSight Group and author of Marketing to Women; Nan Forte, EVP, Consumer Services, WebMD; Bridget Brennan, CEO, Female Factor and author of Why She Buys: The New Strategy for Reaching the World’s Most Powerful Consumers and Wall Street Journal Columnist Jeffery Zaslow, author of The Girls From Ames.

“M2W® is annually attended by Fortune 1000 senior brand marketing executives,” according to Nan McCann, M2W® producer. “Registration has included companies as diverse as Harley-Davidson, Bayer, Aetna, ESPN, Kraft Foods, Ford, GM, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg, Diageo, Walgreens, Wells Fargo, NBA, Burton, Ampersand AD, L’Oreal, Kodak, ConAgra and Whirlpool. They attend because they recognize the importance of reaching women – who control 85 % of all consumer purchasing in virtually every product category. Women mean business and brand growth.”

M2W® is presented by Associate Sponsors: AOL, BlogHer, Ketchum, PMP, New American Dimensions, Vibrant Nation, General Growth Properties, WE tv, Ask Patty, AutoTex Pink, Wedding Central, Passchal, BzzAgent, WebMD and SheSpeaks; Workshop Sponsors: Marketing Drive, Luth Research, Euro RSCG Chicago and Hoffman York; Showcase Sponsors: Carolina Pad, Smudge, Inc., Redbean Society, Varsity and Trek Women. Video Content Resource: Snippies. Media Sponsor: Today’s Chicago Woman.

For complete conference schedule and information visit: or call 860.724.2649 x11. M2W® is produced by PME® Enterprises LLC, 216 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06106.


The importance of connecting with Millennial women has been an M2W® conversation since 2008.  “Millennial women have the power to change everything in the world,” said Gigi Carroll of Draftfcb during her 2008 M2W® presentation.  “They have the power to change everything in marketing.”  And now, according to a new study by Levi’s®, it appears a generational shift in life priorities is truly changing the marketing to women playing field for this new group of women consumers.  Key highlights from the Levi’s® Shaping a New Future study include:

Redefining success and how to get there:

  • Ninety-six percent of Millennial women worldwide list “being independent” as their most important life goal.
  • Last on Millennials’ priority list? Marriage and other more traditional pursuits – being a mother (68 percent), getting married (50 percent) and being wealthy (43 percent), were seen as far less essential in defining success.
  • Not only are Millennial women reshaping what success looks like, they’re changing the way they reach their goals as well. More than half (58 percent) of women worldwide “do not have a definite plan to achieve their long-term goals.” This lack of a “life plan” is precisely what Millennial women seem to relish – and perhaps what makes previous generations so nervous, leading to accusations of Millennials extending childhood into their twenties.

Re-imagining mentorship:

  • While they might not desire a prescribed path, Millennial women do express a need for perspective from other women. To that end, they are re-imagining traditional mentorship – transforming it into a communal exchange that’s two-way rather than one-way, shared among many women rather than one-on-one.
  • In fact, 94 percent of Millennial women agree that “the best mentors are people you can both give advice to and receive advice from.” In addition, 88 percent agree that “a mentor is someone who helps them shape their future, regardless of their age or professional experience,” and 77 percent say that “mentors can be someone their own age.”

In response to these findings, the Levi’s® brand has launched, a global online community where Millennial women around the world can connect with peers and mentors to shape their futures.  “Since introducing the first pair of women’s jeans 75 years ago, Levi’s® has been a relevant part of women’s lives,” said Mary Alderete, Vice President of Levi’s® Global Women’s Marketing. “Today, young women face more opportunity in their twenties than any generation of women before them. It’s important we understand their mindset and their cultural and societal impact. We truly see as a community of women changing the world – it’s a global platform of women coming together to share, inspire, grow and shape their futures.”

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