Girl Scouts of the USA wants that cookie on your computer to be their cookie. The winners of M2W® 2014’s “These Girls Mean Business” Award yesterday launched their Digital Cookie e-commerce program, designed to let consumers find a local scout who is selling cookies and buy directly from them. As noted in this article, “the number one reason that people don’t buy Girl Scout cookies… (is) because they don’t know a Girl Scout.”

M2W® 2014 Supported Girl Scouts of the USA, and Kelly Parisi, Chief Communications Executive for Girl Scouts, spoke at the closing luncheon about their engagement with the Ban Bossy campaign developed by Sheryl Sandberg. Members of a Chicago-area Girl Scout troop attended the lunch as guests of M2W®, and in a surprise announcement, accepted the annual “This Woman Means Business” award (which was changed for the occasion to “These Girls Mean Business”) on behalf of all the Girl Scouts of the USA, who are making a difference in the quality of our world. M2W® Co-founder Nan McCann mentioned that Juliette Gordon Low, founder of Girl Scouts, once said, “Scouting rises within you and inspires you to put forth your best.” In the Ban Bossy campaign, and in everything they do, Girl Scouts of the USA are putting forth their best.

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