“While women are incredibly sophisticated and complex, marketing to them doesn’t have to be,” said Tinesha Craig, division director of M2W® 2013 sponsor Insights In Marketing’s i-on-Women™, referring to her firm’s new e-book that educates marketers on how to effectively target women. The book, Getting Women to Buy: Better Insights to Transform Your Marketing, ventures outside the traditional marketing research box and provides valuable information to marketers about exactly what women want and how to give it to them.

Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases, including everything from health care to automobiles, and will spend nearly $7 trillion annually by 2020. And yet, according to research from Insights in Marketing’s i-on-Women™ team, only 9% of women and 13% of moms feel that marketers are effectively communicating with them. Because of this, marketers are missing out. “Getting Women to Buy” aims to change that by helping marketers understand the underlying motivations behind her behaviors.

Today, many medium-to-large companies rely on demographics, attitudes and purchase history to target consumers in marketing campaigns. According to research from i-on-Women™, the true competitive edge lies in understanding who she is at her core. Getting Women to Buy is the first step toward that understanding.