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Pepper Miller, author of "Black (Still) Matters In Marketing"  Pepper Miller, author of the soon-to-be released Black (Still) Matters In Marketing and Kathy Oneto, vice president of brand strategy for Anthem Worldwide, the brand development division of Schawk, will be among the marketing to women leaders speaking at The 8th Annual M2W® – the Marketing to Women Conference.

Miller, who is also co-author of What’s Black About It? and President of The Hunter-Miller Group, will speak on “Black (Still) Matters in Marketing – Black Women: Diverse, Strong, Moving Forward and Under the Radar”. She explained, "My session will elevate marketer’s understanding of black women. It will increase their cultural IQ and show them how to connect with this valuable consumer segment in a relevant way. To do that, I’ll present a mosaic picture of black America and offer a deeper and more intimate look at the evolving concept of what it means to be a black woman today."

Kathy Oneto, VP Brand Strategy, Anthem Worldwide Oneto’s presentation, "Marketers Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus: Marketing to The True Motivations of Three Generations of Women", will address how marketers can more powerfully market to women in a way that is consistent with their desire to set their own course and follow their own motivations whether they are Millennials, Generation X, or Baby Boomers. Based on a recently conducted study, Oneto will share the surprising insights that were consistent across these generations.

M2W® takes place April 24 & 25, 2012 in Chicago, and is part of Women Mean Business! Week. Visit the M2W® website to see the full roster of speakers and sponsors.


silverstein Michael Silverstein, Senior Partner at The Boston Consulting Group, will present findings from his most recent book, Women Want More, at the 8th Annual M2W®– The Marketing To Women Conference, April 24 & 25, Chicago Cultural Center.

"A quiet economic and social revolution is taking place,” according to Silverstein. "There may be no violence in the streets, but there is upheaval in the workplace, turmoil in the home, radical change in the marketplace, and a struggle for influence in government and society as a whole. It is a revolution of, by, and for women – driven by a desire for more: for ongoing education, better ways to nurture themselves and their families, increased success as executives and entrepreneurs, higher earnings, and for better ways to manage and leverage their accumulated wealth.”

“It is a revolution of dissatisfaction where women are using their checkbooks to vote ‘no’ on large sectors of the economy, including financial services, consumer electronics, consumer durables, and healthcare. They are saying: ‘You don’t understand me,’ ‘There are too many demands on my time,’ ‘I have an overwhelming share of household chores and a full-time job,’ ‘Help me or I’ll find another provider.’"

Understanding women and their true motivations will help the marketers at M2W® build more and better business with women. Study after study has shown that women are the dominant drivers of our consumer economy,” said Nan McCann, M2W® producer. “They account for $7 trillion of annual spending in the US, and over $20 trillion globally.”

“M2W® is annually attended by Fortune 1000 senior brand marketing executives and their agencies. Registration includes companies as diverse as Harley-Davidson, Bayer, Aetna, ESPN, Kraft Foods, Ford, GM, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg, Diageo, Walgreens, Wells Fargo, NBA, WebMD, Burton, Ampersand AD, L’Oreal, ConAgra and Whirlpool. They attend,” according to McCann, “because they recognize the importance of reaching women – who control 85% of all consumer purchasing in virtually every product category.”

M2W® is presented by Global Sponsor: Chicago Sister Cities International; Associate Sponsors: Carmichael Lynch, Carmichael Lynch Spong, PMP, General Growth Properties, PepsiCo WIN, The Hunter Miller Group, GfK Roper Consulting NA; Workshop Sponsors: YWomen, Anthem!, Royal Kingdom PR Agency; Showcase Sponsors: Carolina Pad, BlogHer and Trek Women; Video Journalism Resource: Snippies; Media Sponsor: Today’s Chicago Woman.

For complete conference schedule and information visit: or call 860.724.2649 x11. M2W® is produced by PME® Enterprises LLC, 912 Silas Deane Highway, Suite 101, Wethersfield, CT 06109.

image Chicago Sister Cities International, in the spirit of its mission to promote Chicago as a global city, develop international partnerships and networks, and share best practices on a city-to-city basis, has become a Global Sponsor of Women Mean Business!™ Week and its associated events, April 23 – 27, 2012, in Chicago.

The week is an executive education effort anchored by the expansion of two marketing conferences, the 8th Annual M2W®– The Marketing To Women Conference, and the 3rd M2W®HW™– The Marketing Health & Wellness To Women Conference. It is designed to inform business leaders about the global economic and cultural impact of women. In addition to the two conferences, the week’s activities include the Global Kickoff Luncheon, M2W®’s Global Brand Panel and Global Agency Panel pre-conference sessions, and a mid-week fundraiser.

“We are very pleased that Chicago Sister Cities International has agreed to join us in this effort,” stated Nan McCann, Women Mean Business!™ Week & M2W® producer. “Over the past several years we’ve attracted growing attendance from literally every continent. It seemed only natural to form an alliance with Chicago Sister Cities. Their goals and mission align perfectly with ours.”

Women – The Key To Economic Growth In The 21st Century

“Reflecting the week’s Women Mean Business!™ theme,” McCann added, “the power-packed agenda is filled with learning opportunities focusing on the economic opportunity of women. We want to help everyone from the C-Suite— and throughout the enterprise— understand the economic imperative of women in every aspect of their business, in every corner of the globe. The week’s schedule also includes fundraisers, social activities and special events to help participants build business connections regionally, nationally and globally.”

“Not many people realize it, but women now control over $20 trillion in spending worldwide,” McCann explained. “That’s larger than the combined economies of the U.S., China and India. At a time when leaders are looking for ways to fuel and reset the global economy, they need look no further than women. The Women Mean Business!™ Week Kick-Off Luncheon will set the tone of optimism this very real and present solution offers multinational businesses and organizations. It’s an exciting and invigorating message that should appeal to every key decision maker in the world today.”

The Kick-Off Luncheon will be followed by two global educational sessions, showing how companies can expand their international opportunities by leveraging the purchasing power of women. The first session will focus on advertising research and how-to strategies and methods. The second session will show how brand marketers from a variety of product categories have already successfully marketed their products worldwide.

“After that we move on to more traditional M2W® components,” McCann continued, “including Marketing to Women 101 and a pre-conference workshop focusing on digital communication techniques. The day wraps up with M2W®’s traditional pre-conference reception, which gives speakers, sponsors and attendees an opportunity to connect and compare notes.”

M2W®’s Eighth Year

“Over the years,” McCann stated, “M2W® has grown to be the world’s premier conference on marketing to women. It always features the very latest research case studies, workshops and how-to sessions, teaching marketers how to reach women and grow brands on every communication channel. Our content runs the gamut from traditional print advertising and packaging to the very latest digital media.”

“M2W® is annually attended by Fortune 1000 senior brand marketing executives,” she added. “We’ve hosted attendees from all over Europe, the Mid-East, North and South America, Australia and Asia. Registration has included companies as diverse as Harley-Davidson, Bayer, Aetna, ESPN, Kraft Foods, Ford, GM, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg, Diageo, Walgreens, Wells Fargo, NBA, Burton, Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, ConAgra and Whirlpool. They attend because they recognize that women mean business and brand growth.”

Defending The Caveman & A Gala Break From Business

“On Wednesday night after we wrap up M2W®, and before we begin the 3rd M2W®HW™– The Marketing Health & Wellness To Women Conference,” McCann explained, “we’ll host a couple of transitional networking and entertainment elements of Women Mean Business! First, we’ll present a custom performance of “Defending the Caveman”, Broadway’s smash hit comedy about the communication differences between the genders. It drives home the message that marketing to women requires a more informed and nuanced approach. “Caveman” will be followed by M2W®HW™’s pre-con reception. After that everyone will celebrate with hors d’oeuvres and refreshments at the Women Mean Business!™ Gala.”

3rd Year For M2W® – Health & Wellness

“The second major component of Women Mean Business!™ is M2W®HW™– The Marketing Health & Wellness To Women Conference, McCann continued. “It starts Wednesday afternoon, April 25, with a pre-conference reception and runs through Thursday, April 26. Like its sister conference, M2W®HW™ is designed to help marketers build market share with women in a category that is growing in consumer importance every year.”

“M2W®HW™ is specifically designed for marketers in the health and wellness categories. Companies who have sent execs and teams include: Microsoft Health Solutions, Bayer, AARP, Kraft, GlaxoSmithKline, Brigham & Women’s, Clorox and Sanofi-Aventis.”

“Women Mean Business!™ wraps up with a breakfast review on Friday morning.”

For complete information visit:, or call 860.724.2649 x13. M2W®, M2W®HW™ and Women Mean Business!™ Week are produced by PME® Enterprises LLC, 912 Silas Deane Highway, Suite 101, Wethersfield, CT 06109.

About Chicago Sister Cities International
Chicago Sister Cities International (CSCI) provides leadership to develop, manage, and coordinate comprehensive programs and projects with Chicago’s 28 sister cities. CSCI is committed to promoting Chicago as a global city, developing international partnerships and networks, and sharing best practices on a city-to-city basis. For more information about Chicago Sister Cities International, please call 312.201.4525 or visit

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