Style: "Neutral" Amanda Stevens, Australia’s leading expert on marketing to women and author of SheMarketing and SheSelling is coming to America to join forces with Hoffman York’s Kaleidoscope Group, an elite group of advertising professionals in the Midwest with proprietary research and insight on effectively advertising to women, to promote “best practices” for marketing to women.

The new marketing to women team will kick off their American tour at M2W® – The Marketing to Women Conference, on April 12 in Chicago at the two hour Pre-Conference Workshop “How Being Smart with Women Outmaneuvers ‘The Mad Men’ (Why Ad Agencies are Not Really Marketing to Women and What To Do About It).”

Amanda will be presenting at M2W® with Tom Jordan, “Champion” of the Kaleidoscope Group and author of Re-Render the Gender. Why the vast majority of advertising is not connecting with women – and what we can do about it and Elissa Polston, Hoffman York’s Director of Strategic Planning.

Following the M2W® Conference, Amanda will work with Hoffman York as its new Kaleidoscope Group International President.