For women, bladder issues appear to becoming part of more mainstream conversations—thanks in part to campaigns from brands such as Poise (recently highlighted in our M2W®-HC™E-ssentials feature of “Campaigns We Love”) and now Medtronic.  In support of Bladder Health Awareness month, Medtronic is extending its national women’s health campaign, Facing Our Moments™ which is designed to encourage women with overactive bladder (OAB) to face their bladder control issues and “reclaim the important life moments that often are missed due to concerns about bladder control.”  This year’s campaign features a series of both fun and educational Girls’ Time Out events during the month of November where women have the opportunity to talk to a bladder health expert and meet other women who suffer from similar conditions. Girls’ Time Out events are being hosted by partner hospitals and clinics in more than 25 cities throughout the country.

The campaign is a partnership between Medtronic and women’s health advocacy groups Accidental Sisterhood Foundation and Women’s Health Foundation. As part of this partnership, Medtronic has provided grants to both foundations to support their activities in connection with this awareness campaign. “Overactive bladder can have a substantial impact on daily living, which often results in a woman’s sense of control and happiness being compromised,” said Cindy Kent, Vice President for Urology, Gastroenterology and Deep Brain Stimulation Therapies in Medtronic’s Neuromodulation business. “Medtronic has seen positive momentum through our awareness campaign, and we want to help more women understand their condition and what they can do to treat it.”

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