‘Real Women’ campaigns are nothing new to M2W®.  Brands such as Dove have been part of the M2W® program and executives from companies like Citibank’s Women & Co. have been part of the M2W® audience giving us greater insight into how using real women in their campaigns has led to greater marketing to women success.  Now Wonderbra® appears to be heading into the real women world for their new web-based series that will feature reality video vignettes that are expected to air in spring 2011.  “Since its debut in 1994, the Wonderbra brand has strived to empower women to feel confident and sexy every day,” said Tricia Bouras, Marketing Director for Wonderbra. “Now we’re looking to cast four real women with that unmistakable Wonderbra appeal as our national brand ambassadors.”  Casting videos are being accepted now through November 19th and Wonderbra will select four winners who best represent specific personas:  the diva, the starlet, the free spirit and the trendsetter.  Not sure how “real” those personas appear to be, but we are looking forward to how the brand will use their web-based reality series to build additional buzz with female consumers.