Popular condom brand Durex® is the latest brand to call on 2010 M2W® Associate Sponsor House Party to help them connect with women.  On October 9th, Durex® held 5,000 Girl Talk House Party™ events with hostesses and their girlfriends exploring new ways to improve their sex lives.  Women learned about the wide assortment of Durex® products available and received tips from Dr. Laura Berman, America’s leading expert in female sexual health.  The Durex® Girl Talk House Party™ event is part of a new Durex® campaign designed to communicate to consumers that the brand is much more than just condoms. “Durex is about great sex and how our products can help couples have better sex together,” said Ahmet Abaci, Vice President of Marketing, SSL Americas.

House party, a company that pioneered the fusion of in-home and digital marketing, specializes in engaging thousands of qualified consumer advocates to host in-home parties where a brand such as Durex® is at the center of the party.  “What better way to connect with women than in-home parties?  The parties enable consumers to engage both in-home and online to explore and promote brands they love,” said House Party, Inc. CEO Kitty Kolding during her 2010 M2W® presentation on how the company has successfully worked with numerous brands including ConAgra Foods.