A recent poll done by the UK Nielsen Media Research revealed that almost half of the online gaming population is female—a statistic that has online casino operators moving to add more female oriented graphics, games and promotions to the mix.  In addition, online gaming brands are being encouraged to create environments just for women such as the new landing page on Casino.com.  “Designing pages like this gives us a chance to do something different in the world of online gaming,” says Mor Zesso, Director of Graphic Design at Casino.com.  “It gives us a chance to focus on what it is that women like.”

Starting with the design process instead of just launching a marketing campaign could be the key to winning with women.  “When it comes to ‘what a woman wants’, there are untapped business opportunities everywhere,” said Heidi Dangelmaier of 3iying and GirlApproved during her 2010 M2W® workshop presentation.   “To really give women something they will love means we need to rethink the entire design process and craft one that is capable of producing stronger products for females.”