Web-based fashion retailer Shopbop.com, a subsidiary of Amazon.com, recently launched Shopbop Global, a free service that enables customers outside of the U.S. to prepay import fees at checkout ensuring faster, easier delivery.  The new service is part of the online boutique’s commitment to serving its customers worldwide.  “We’ve seen overwhelming growth in our global customer base as women around the world turn to us for the latest fashion from established and up-and-coming designers,” says Shopbop head of international marketing, Karen Grajwer. “We’re thrilled to bring her this upgrade in service and will continue to seek new ways to improve her shopping experience.”

The growth of global has become part of mainstream marketing to women discussions as heard during several presentations at M2W®.  Fara Warner, Amanda Stevens and the Latina Marketing Brand panel all included statistics and research on how women are becoming an economic force throughout the world.  “New research from around the world reveals that we are entering a time of exponential growth for women as an economic, social and political force,” said Fara Warner, author of The Power of the Purse, during the 6th Annual M2W®.  “No more are we looking at conservative, slow-growth gains for women in the marketplace, but huge leaps in power as the foundations we have built during the past 100 years serve as the catalyst for profound change in the 21st century.”