Doctor consulting female patientHysterectomy is the second most frequent major surgical procedure among reproductive-aged women (after c-sections) and according to a new poll by HysterSisters, an online community providing woman-to-woman support for gynecological health issues/concerns, 53 percent of women who had hysterectomies did not seek second opinions before scheduling their surgeries.

To encourage women to seek second opinions before a hysterectomy or any life-changing surgery, HysterSisters founder Kathy Kelley created Give Me a Second, a new awareness campaign with an online video and website at “Second opinions can do three important things for any woman facing a major decision about any surgery, not just hysterectomy,” says Kathy Kelley, who started HysterSisters in 1998 after her own hysterectomy. “They can give you new information, a new perspective or peace of mind. Every woman deserves a second opinion.”

Especially for women facing gynecological health concerns or disease, second opinions may result in fewer invasive surgeries, fewer hysterectomies, an increase in alternative treatments and improved quality of life for women. Kelley says by asking more questions and getting second opinions, women become respectful partners with their doctors and improve the quality of their care and their outcomes. “Give Me a Second wants women to know it’s okay to talk to more than one doctor,” she says. “In fact, it’s good for your health.”