At this year’s M2W®-The Marketing To Women Conference, attendees had the opportunity to share their personal reasons for why they market to women as they visited the booth of conference Showcase Sponsor BigTent.  “We wanted to show how we apply a creative approach to connect brands with our audience of women, and do it real time at the conference,” says Donna Novitsky, CEO, BigTent.  “Our social marketing experiment was engaging and fun for the attendees – like any good social campaign should be.  These personal insights on why we market to women are a great accent to the analytical data presented by many of the speakers.”

So, what did conference attendees have to say?  Below are some of their responses.  Click here to view an entire list of all responses from this year’s attendees, presenters and sponsors.

“I make $$$ targeting women”
–Jeff W., Harbinger

“Women know how to buy and influence 90% of decisions!”
–Mary G., Kraft

“Because they decide how to entertain the household”
–Scott S., Ubisoft

“Women are and have the true power”
–Alba C.R., Ford

“Young girls need good role models riding Harleys”
–Leslie P., Harley-Davidson Motor Company

“They are the majority of our shoppers”
–Kelly B., Walgreens

“They keep family memories alive”
–Susan S., Kodak

“We have products to make life easier and more enjoyable”
–Jill S., Whirlpool

“They lead the world”
–Lisa L., AOL

–Mihaela Z., Wells Fargo

Now, let’s hear from you—tell us why you market to women!