Who can predict the next mass market opportunity?  When it comes to the new emerging female consumer, M2W® Workshop leader Heidi Dangelmaier and her team at 3iying, have the answer.  After spending years immersed in the daily lives of “Post-1988s”, Dangelmaier discovered a new generation of females whose formative years were spent under influence of social media which created a major shift in how female consumers relate to themselves as well as the brands in their lives. “When I started working with younger girls—high school and college age—I came to realize that there were very fundamental changes in how this female thinks and acts,” says Dangelmaier.  “Social media was the tipping point for them—suddenly what they couldn’t get locally, they could get globally which gave them a higher sense of self then we’ve ever had.”

This higher ‘sense of self’ means young women can no longer be persuaded through traditional marketing techniques or modern tactics.  “This girl has grown up in a radically altered climate.  The growth in her options, her power, her femininity, her confidence and her sense of control are unprecedented,” says Dangelmaier.  “Until now, brands have been defining the standard.  They have been telling the female consumer what is useful, what is pretty, what she needs.  But now, young women no longer believe the brand truth—they believe their own truth.”

This “truth” is what brands will have to bring to the table in order to connect with the young female consumer—a consumer that is just the beginning of a movement Dangelmaier refers to as the next generation of feminism. “Products, brands, and advertising will have to deliver a higher level of understanding, authenticity, integrity and meaning than ever before,” says Dangelmaier.  “Truth is the one thing you can’t fake.”

To do this requires looking beyond focus groups and basic research and understanding what women truly value, how they initiate and build relationships, and what builds excitement and loyalty. Using her GirlApproved inventions system, Dangelmaier and her team help brands leverage gender differences to identify deep unmet market needs and then engineer products and brands that give females exactly what they want.  “Why haven’t we been able to answer the question ‘what do women want?’” Asks Dangelmaier.  “Because what women want hasn’t even been created yet.  To really give women something they will love means we need to rethink the entire design process and craft one that is capable of producing stronger products for females”

This is a revolutionary initiative that could quite possibly change the way brands look at their female consumers.  “It’s not just about solving problems, it’s about learning what problems need to be solved,” says Dangelmaier.  “This is not a conversation about trends, it’s a conversation about economics.  It’s a big, high-end strategy that will help executives start spending money on products and advertising that will get results with the new female market.”

Don’t miss Heidi Dangelmaier’s workshop during the 6th Annual M2W®-The Marketing To Women Conference, April 21 & 22, 2010 where marketers will learn how to approach innovation from an entirely different vantage point.