What if you had an ongoing relationship with a core group of female consumers?  That is  what SheSpeaks, Associate Sponsor of the 6th Annual M2W®-The Marketing To Women Conference, is doing with the launch of their ‘Brand Advisory Communities.’  SheSpeaks  connects participating brands with targeted communities of 2,000 or more consumers for 12+-month-long programs that not only provide rich qualitative insights, but also quantitative surveying capabilities that capitalize on the communities’ scale and reach.

“Brands have a need to develop insights and drive innovation more quickly than ever.  Our new Brand Advisory Communities allow brands to leverage their communities to build both quantitative and qualitative market research, to deliver actionable insight and enable more rapid innovation,” said M2W® speaker Aliza Freud, CEO of SheSpeaks. “Our communities are designed to connect brands with their target customer for a direct dialogue and engagement that generates both deep and scalable feedback.”

In addition to gaining valuable quantitative research and qualitative insights from consumers, ‘Advisory Communities’ help brands with product branding and marketing, engage consumers in evaluating new product ideas and engender brand advocates.   “These Brand Advisory Communities can play a valuable part in the next generation of brand and consumer engagement, as marketers look to drive insight with scale,” said M2W® Associate Sponsor Booz & Company Partner Matt Egol, who works in the consultancy’s Consumer, Media & Digital practice and has leveraged the SheSpeaks platform for client insights work.  “We have been very pleased by the richness of quantitative and qualitative insights delivered in short order.”

Egol will be joining Freud on stage at this year’s M2W® as they share insights into how successful brands manage their WOM and build brand image in every woman’s community.