Just in time for the holiday shopping season, SHOP.COM has announced the launch of its social shopping hub called SHOP Community, which integrates all of SHOP.COM’s social networking applications, including Twitter, Facebook, The Shopping Vine, and a range of valuable new features for the busy holiday shopper. With these innovations, SHOP.COM also introduced its new SHOPstar Beta Networking Program, an easy way for shoppers to get paid when someone clicks on special SHOP.COM links sent to individual networks.  SHOP Community provides visitors with multiple social networking channels to discover, share and shop the latest trends and great deals. The social shopping network features the newly created “My Lists,” which allows shoppers to create any type of shopping list, keep track of the desired items until the time of purchase and share lists with friends and family. Shoppers who create a list in time for the holiday season can also enter SHOP.COM’s Win your Holiday Wishlist contest, where contestants can win the items on their wishlist, totaling up to $200.  SHOP.COM’s customers can also earn some extra cash through the SHOPstar networking program, simply by sharing their SHOP.COM experience with friends and family via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or blogs. Registered customers of the site who are members of the SHOPstar program and post a unique URL from SHOP.COM, including product, editorial and contest pages, on any of their networks are paid a portion of the revenue each time a visitor is directed to SHOP.COM from the posting.  “With SHOP.COM’s new community enhancements and the SHOPstar program, we hope to harness the power of social media and help shoppers with their purchasing decisions in a relevant way,” said Mondy Beller, senior vice president of marketing for SHOP.COM. “The site’s latest offerings, combined with functional tools to save time and money, and opportunities to be delighted by contests and giveaways, shape a very compelling experience on SHOP.COM.”