Anne Fleming, President of, was recently asked to address the Chrysler Women’s Forum at the company’s Auburn Hills headquarters.  Fleming pointed to the need for women to increasingly own their voice and power when negotiating and bargaining outside of the professional workplace.  Fleming, who was invited to appear by Judith Wheeler, Director of Global Advertising and the President of the Women’s Forum, said “It was an honor to speak to this prestigious group of women in the automobile industry. The Forum’s mission dovetails well with, which is to encourage women to be engaged in industry and business by nurturing and leveraging their buying power. Together, they can help grow the viability of Chrysler and acceptance of its products, an integral part of the Forum’s objective.”  Fleming, who once struggled negotiating her own car purchase, is an advocate for women speaking up and embracing their purchasing power. “Women control $6 trillion dollars of consumer purchasing power,” she said, “Yet we still make $.78 cents on the dollar. It’s a rather interesting paradigm. Frankly, with women being the gatekeepers to so many brands and consumer spending in our economy, you would think women would make $1.25 to men’s $1.00.”  She asserted that the keys to women negotiating and bargaining effectively for themselves is simply culture. “When women practice negotiating and being more direct, they become more comfortable tackling these conversations in all areas of life, not just in the workforce,” she explained. “The result? Women are empowered and have more money in their purse, offering them even more freedom and opportunity.”