Women’s Health has launched a new branded fitness kit designed to get women back in shape quickly.  Women’s Health “Lean Body Workout” has been specially designed by the editors and staff of Women’s Health and combines carefully selected fitness equipment with cutting-edge exercising programs that strengthen, sculpt and tone the entire body over the course of six weeks.  The kit includes select exercise products, a customized workout program and a free one-year digital subscription to Women’s Health and a three-month free trial offer to Women’s Health “Fit Coach”, a subscription-based online fitness and nutrition program.  The kit developers, EB Sport Group and Rodale, Inc., have also launched Men’s Health “Ultimate Total-Body Workout.” “Our research shows that while many people desire to get in shape, they frequently struggle with exactly what products to buy and then what to do with them. These kits eliminate that confusion and deliver a clear path to success for individuals of all fitness levels – and at a very reasonable price,” said Brian Anderson, president of EB Sport Group. “Men’s Health and Women’s Health have provided millions of people with the best fitness content available. Now, consumers will also have the tools they need in these two powerful kits.”