We recently were introduced to ‘The Broadroom’ and now women are being invited to the ‘Powder Room’.  A new website, www.powderroomgraffiti.com, which launched over the summer and is geared towards “more mature women”, appears to be following the latest trend of online editorial which integrates magazine-style journalism with unstructured user-generated content.  According to the site’s latest poll, that should be a great combination to reach women– women are increasingly turning to the blogosphere to relieve stress.  Fifty-eight percent of respondents said that at difficult times, such as Christmas, they wrote more online, either by blogging, commenting or taking part in social networks. This compared with only 23 percent who said they turned to their partners when things got on top of them.  Eighteen percent said they had even found themselves substituting writing for the more traditional stress relievers such as alcohol and comfort eating.  “Our research would certainly indicate that the blogosphere has a real psychological benefit for some women and appears more effective than the more obvious stress relievers of alcohol or face-to-face exchanges with a close confidant.” said Diane Hayman, editor of Powder Room Graffiti.  She added: “Being encouraged to speak honestly is clearly very liberating for women. Since we launched Powder Room Graffiti, whose main aim is to give women a chance to tell it how it is, we’ve seen people share and debate the full gamut of subjects, many of which would be off-limits in a coffee morning setting or on the pages of a glossy magazine.”