With a modern look and sleek packaging that is more environmentally friendly, Crystal Light is setting itself apart while delivering the same great taste people expect. The new Crystal Light design features a fresh logo and innovative canister configuration that makes the product more user-friendly:

  • Easy-to-open packets
  • A new 1-quart packet size in the 8-quart canister that helps people prepare the amount they want
  • A clear window on the front of the canister shows when packets are running low

Beyond the visual changes, Crystal Light is committed to making significant changes for the better. In total, on a finished case goods basis, the new design will use 250 tons less packaging each year. “Women look to Crystal Light to add some excitement to their water every day,” says Roxanne Bernstein, director, Powdered Beverages. “Our new packaging also reflects our consumers’ vibrancy and her desire to align herself with more environmentally friendly brands.”
The new Crystal Light design is making people look twice at their beverage options. Crystal Light fans can find more information on the entire line of products by visiting www.CrystalLight.com.