Fifty-nine percent (59%) of baby boomer women say they are willing to pay more for higher quality ingredients in beauty products, even in the current economic environment. This insight is one of the many garnered from a new survey on beauty products conducted by  The survey was presented to Vibrant Nation’s more than 60,000 members, e-newsletter subscribers, Facebook fans and Twitter followers.  In terms of purchase location, more boomer women are buying beauty products online than in department stores. While drugstores remain the place where women over 50 are buying most of their beauty products, the internet has quickly become the second most common source of beauty products.

  • 33% buy most of their beauty products in drugstores
  • 28% purchase online
  • 23% purchase in department stores
  • 16% purchase in beauty stores

“Ingredients do matter,” said Stephen Reily, founder and CEO. “This influential and fast-growing boomer demographic, who we’ve termed ‘Vibrant Women,’ pays attention to the fine print and pays up for quality: 36% said they would pay more for hypoallergenic products, and a similar number (33%) said the same for products containing antioxidants.”  So what products are deemed the biggest beauty investment or extravagance for women over 50? More than 60% said anti-aging moisturizer is their biggest beauty investment:

  • 61% anti-aging moisturizer
  • 40% foundation/concealer/cover-up/color makeup
  • 2% botox/fillers/lasers
  • 2% plastic surgery

According to senior strategist Carol Orsborn, “Vibrant Women represent the healthiest, wealthiest, most educated generation of women in history, yet their real strengths and interests are generally ignored in the marketplace – by the beauty industry among others. When asked about the ‘lipstick index’ theory that women indulge in smaller luxuries, such as lipstick, when the economy goes down, rather than purchase more substantial luxury items like shoes, bags or clothes, 57% actually disagreed and said they are continuing to purchase luxury items. It is important for marketers finally to recognize the purchasing power this often over-looked and powerful demographic.”  Finally, plastic surgery is also on the minds of almost half of boomer women, whether they do it or not. 45% agreed that if money were not an issue, they would go under the knife to “soften” aging.