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What do women really think about the national health care debate? A new poll released Wednesday by the Independent Women’s Forum shows that only 16 percent of women believe that health care should be Congress’s top priority and that a majority (51 percent) is unsatisfied with what they have read, seen, or heard about the proposals being considered today. The poll, conducted by WomanTrend, a division of the polling company™ inc., surveyed 800 women registered to vote and was conducted between October 19-25, 2009. Key findings include:

  • Government is not the solution: 61 percent of women think the private sector does a better job of providing choice in health care.
  • Change for thee, but not for me: 75 percent want few to no changes to their own healthcare (40 percent — be modified, but mostly left as is; 35 percent — be left as-is).
  • No egg timers: 43 percent of women say that Congress and the President should enact healthcare reform “only when quality legislation is developed, even if it means there is no deadline.” Less than three in ten think it needs to happen by the end of the year.
  • Too expensive: Only 10 percent say that $1 trillion or more should be spent on health care reform. Most put the acceptable amounts in the thousands (16 percent), millions (24 percent), or billions (16 percent).
  • Concerns with waste: 77 percent say government spends money in a mostly inefficient way and 55 percent believe CBO projections underestimate how much will ultimately be spent on health care reform.

The poll and executive summary can be found at

If you are interested in the role women play in the healthcare industry and what drives their decision-making, we invite you to join us for M2W®-HC™…The Conference for Marketing Healthcare to Women, November 5 & 6 in Washington, D.C. For more information or to register contact Heidi Bouthiette, 860-724-2649 x15 or visit


Admax Network, an online ad network in Southeast Asia, recently announced the launch of Her Network, the largest online women’s network that enables premium brand advertisers to connect with millions of women in quality and content-safe environments. Asian women are a key and essential demographic for advertisers and according to a 2008 MasterCard Survey, online is a powerful medium for communicating with today’s women with 64% in Asia Pacific using the Internet for research before making purchases. Just as in the U.S., the increase in Internet usage has led to audience fragmentation, which makes this new Admax Network so timely. Her Network reaches more than 21.4 million Southeast Asian women browsing over 800 premium websites monthly with female-focused content ranging from fashion, beauty, health, parenting, entertainment and more. Her Network is comprised of a strong suite of premium female-focused websites across the region, including popular international sites such as Glam, iVillage, ET Online and also a comprehensive collection of local sites, Family Singapore, Chubby Hubby, and Style Weddings in Singapore. The launch of Her Network regionally follows incredible industry interest and results from the launch of Her Network in Vietnam. Her Network Vietnam connected advertisers with more than 3 million Vietnamese women and 65% of women 25-40 years old that are online. “Her Network is breaking new ground in Southeast Asia as companies transform marketing in search of new ways for consumers to engage with brands,” says Grant Watts, CEO of the DMS Group. “Her Network gives brands the ultimate platform to reach women within a content-safe and quality environment. Following the amazing success in Vietnam, Her Network marks a change in the way brands connect and their level of exposure to women online in Southeast Asia.”, an online resource designed to empower all moms as they take steps re-enter the workforce, is seeking a Sales Manager that is experienced, intelligent and aggressive interactive online advertising sales professional who can grow in a dynamic and creative environment. . The individual will target and develop new national accounts. Other responsibilities and qualifications include:

  • National (interactive) online advertising sales experience selling to advertising agencies and clients 
  • Strong communication skills to convey programs and creative advertising opportunities 
  • Good at building long term and substantive relationships with agencies and national advertising clients 
  • Evaluate specific business categories and marketplace trends in order to identify prospective accounts that desire a mom genre
  • An entrepreneurial approach to business that partners with clients 
  • A person who really enjoys what they do for a living and is seeking a stable, secure and growth oriented home 
  • The ability to structure deals and advertising.
  • The ability to call on national advertisers to represent and present creative interactive advertising programs unique to this brand. 
  • Proven track record of success in sales career 
  • Highly sales motivated individual with solid business acumen, prospecting and closing skills
  • Bachelors degree in a business related field

Depending on a candidate’s qualifications, the compensation could include a modest salary plus incentive compensation based on company revenues.  Stock ownership opportunities could be available for the right candidate.  This is a virtual position, so candidates can be located anywhere within the US.  Interested applicants should send resume and cover letter to:

Women are at the heart of the healthcare debate and First Lady Michelle Obama recently spoke the women of America about Healthcare Reform through a video produced by the White House, which broke exclusively on on Friday, October 23rd at  In the video, Mrs. Obama explains why she thinks women should support policy reform.  The iVillage community now has the opportunity to join in the conversation by submitting their health care reform questions and comments via the site.   Those questions will be addressed by Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius in a second video, also breaking exclusively on iVillage, that will post Friday, October 30th.  “No matter which side you’re on, healthcare is central to our vast audience of highly engaged women and moms,” said Jodi Kahn, executive vice president, iVillage. “This is a huge opportunity for our community to have their personal questions about healthcare answered directly by Secretary Sebelius.”

The healthcare topic become is not only top of mind with women, but also with the brands and marketers trying to connect with them.  We invite you to join us next week in Washington, D.C. for the first annual M2W®-HC™…The Conference for Marketing Healthcare to Women, November 5 & 6 at the National Museum of Women in the Arts.  For more information or to register contact Heidi Bouthiette, 860-724-2649 x15 or visit

SIRIUS XM Radio has announced that Rosie Radio, Rosie O’Donnell’s exclusive live daily morning show, will launch on November 2. Rosie Radio will air Monday through Friday from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm ET/7:00 – 9:00 am PT on SIRIUS XM Stars, SIRIUS channel 102 and XM channel 155. Rosie Radio will replay from 8:00 – 10:00 pm ET/5:00 – 7:00 pm PT, with a “Best of the Week” airing at various times on the weekend. The live, call-in format will feature topics and guests driven by Rosie’s numerous passions, interests and hobbies and will offer her fans the chance to connect and interact with on an extraordinary level (she will actually be broadcasting from a custom-built home studio near her kids and crafts). Rosie Radio joins an expanding lineup of women’s programming on SIRIUS XM that includes Oprah Radio, Martha Stewart Living Radio, and Cosmo Radio. For more information visit and It looks as though satellite radio is taking a page from the niche-marketing model that has been a staple of success for cable television. As more women return to the workforce they will also be joining the large number of commuters that plug into satellite radio.

We recently were introduced to ‘The Broadroom’ and now women are being invited to the ‘Powder Room’.  A new website,, which launched over the summer and is geared towards “more mature women”, appears to be following the latest trend of online editorial which integrates magazine-style journalism with unstructured user-generated content.  According to the site’s latest poll, that should be a great combination to reach women– women are increasingly turning to the blogosphere to relieve stress.  Fifty-eight percent of respondents said that at difficult times, such as Christmas, they wrote more online, either by blogging, commenting or taking part in social networks. This compared with only 23 percent who said they turned to their partners when things got on top of them.  Eighteen percent said they had even found themselves substituting writing for the more traditional stress relievers such as alcohol and comfort eating.  “Our research would certainly indicate that the blogosphere has a real psychological benefit for some women and appears more effective than the more obvious stress relievers of alcohol or face-to-face exchanges with a close confidant.” said Diane Hayman, editor of Powder Room Graffiti.  She added: “Being encouraged to speak honestly is clearly very liberating for women. Since we launched Powder Room Graffiti, whose main aim is to give women a chance to tell it how it is, we’ve seen people share and debate the full gamut of subjects, many of which would be off-limits in a coffee morning setting or on the pages of a glossy magazine.”

With her engaging delivery, impressive statistics and humorous anecdotes — not to mention a killer pair of heels — Melissa Read, Ph.D, Vice President of Research & Innovation at Engauge, won the Take the Cake award at the 5th Annual M2W® – The Marketing To Women Conference, April 29 & 30,  2009.

Melissa’s presentation, Psychology, the Blueprint for Outstanding Interactive Marketing to Women, highlighted the psychological culture of women vs men, and how brands could better use that information to reach women. “In addition to the makeup of our brains being different, men and women have different life experiences that drive our needs and behavior.  Boys and girls engage in different things and in different ways making women more relational.”

Selected by conference attendees, the Take The Cake award was created to honor the presenter (or presenters) deemed to have been the most influential, and whose information and insight attendees were most eager to implement back at the office. As a symbol of this honor, Melissa will receive a beautiful handmade Hartland cake plate from the talented glass blowers at Simon Pearce glassware in Vermont.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Aetna and the Aetna Foundation are offering the ability to send a complimentary handmade CUREchief headscarf to an organization or a loved one who is being treated for a medical condition, such as breast cancer, that results in hair loss. 

  • A CUREchief is a handmade headscarf, available in a wide variety of patterns and colors. 
  • The CUREchief Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing warmth and comfort to cancer patients, survivors, their families and friends.
  • To learn more about the CUREchief Foundation visit:

Aetna is working with the CUREchief Foundation to make up to 5,000 CUREchiefs available for delivery nationwide.  Anyone can order one free of charge from the Aetna website ( during the month of October.  For those who want to send them to organizations, they can order up to 50 by visiting the CUREchief Foundation site (

JMS Just My Size recently launched a new clothing collection at a fashion show in New York and announced an agreement that makes JMS the dedicated plus-size apparel brand at Walmart. JMS will have a dramatically expanded presence in more than 3,500 Walmart stores across the U.S. focusing on trend-right styles at a value, with all items priced below $22.  Instead of just a few key pieces, plus-size shoppers will consistently be able to find a full collection of clothing in sizes 16-28. New collections will arrive every month. “The JMS woman embraces her curves,” said Maria Teza, marketing director for JMS. “So often plus-size women see stylish clothes in the Missy department that they can’t find in the plus-size department. Now she can find those same styles in just her size.”  The launch of the collection comes just as conversation has sparked around plus-size models on the pages of fashion magazines and the lack of fashionable plus-size clothes for the models to wear. Reactions have renewed debate about body image and beautiful women who are larger than sample size 4. “Previously, JMS offered wardrobe staples for her, like our great jeans,” said Janet Freedman, JMS creative director and plus-size shopper.  “Now we can go everywhere with her because we dress her for her lifestyle–running errands, lunch with friends, going to the office or going out after work.”  As a dedicated plus-size brand, the JMS clothing line is designed to include many fit solutions specific to this woman. “We constantly talk to our consumer, and more importantly, we listen to her,” said Freedman. “So we include slimming seams, strategically placed pockets, freedom of movement, appropriate weight materials–these and other fit solutions are incorporated into stylish clothing. We design these clothes to flatter and celebrate her curves.”  Adds Teza, “Today, the confident plus-size woman cares about style just as much as value and how well it fits, and this new collection delivers on all three.  As one of the few true plus-size-only brands, JMS is naturally positioned to meet the unique needs of this growing market. While some retailers and Missy brands are moving toward selling on-line only or eliminating their plus-size lines altogether, Walmart and JMS are focused on giving this consumer even more convenience and selection.”

With a modern look and sleek packaging that is more environmentally friendly, Crystal Light is setting itself apart while delivering the same great taste people expect. The new Crystal Light design features a fresh logo and innovative canister configuration that makes the product more user-friendly:

  • Easy-to-open packets
  • A new 1-quart packet size in the 8-quart canister that helps people prepare the amount they want
  • A clear window on the front of the canister shows when packets are running low

Beyond the visual changes, Crystal Light is committed to making significant changes for the better. In total, on a finished case goods basis, the new design will use 250 tons less packaging each year. “Women look to Crystal Light to add some excitement to their water every day,” says Roxanne Bernstein, director, Powdered Beverages. “Our new packaging also reflects our consumers’ vibrancy and her desire to align herself with more environmentally friendly brands.”
The new Crystal Light design is making people look twice at their beverage options. Crystal Light fans can find more information on the entire line of products by visiting

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