The economic recession is often reported in terms of big numbers: numbers of people laid-off, dollars lost in the stock market, numbers of home foreclosures. Our friends at Reel Insights, whose parent company SNiPPiES was the Video Journalism Resource for 2009 M2W®-The Marketing To Women Conference, is looking to narrow those huge numbers down to one person — a mother who has been affected in some way by the recession. Reel Insights is currently taking video submissions (3-5 minute edited videos) that profile a Mom who has been changed in some way by the current state of the economy.  The Mom doesn’t have to have to be one who lost her job or her house, though she might have. She doesn’t have to be down and out, though she may be. Maybe the Mom simply had to make some spending adjustments. Maybe the recession just made her think – and changed her outlook on her life or her family. Reel Insights wants to understand who this Mom is – what she values, what she believes, and how those deep seated ideals have been changed or challenged by the recession, or how they have guided the Mom in her response to the changing events around her.  Deadline for submissions is September 27, 2009. In addition to cash prizes, the best videos will be shown during M2Moms®-The Marketing To Moms Conference 2009.  Visit Reel Insights for additional eligibility details and a list of proposed questions to be used during the “Mom” interview.