Women-Drivers.com LLC recently released its first national brand report after receiving thousands of reviews from women about their Purchasing, Browsing and Servicing experience at car dealerships in the United States. The Women Satisfaction Index, or WSI® scores, show Chrysler, Mercedes and Lexus in the top 5 of each rated experience. Chrysler dealers received the highest WSI® ranking among women buyers for Purchasing a vehicle followed by Mercedes, KIA, Buick and Lexus. Chrysler ranked consistently high with women customers that were very satisfied with the engagement and treatment by the sales person, their overall dealership experience, as well as the financing process. Mercedes dealers scored the highest among women customers who went into the dealership but did not purchase that day. Following Mercedes were Chevrolet, Mazda, and Chrysler and tied for fifth were Ford and Lexus. Mercedes ranked consistently with women customers that rated their Browsing experience and were very satisfied with the engagement and treatment by the sales person and their overall dealership experience Honda dealers scored the highest from women having their car serviced followed closely by Acura, Mercedes, Lexus, and Chrysler. Honda ranked consistently with women customers that had an easy time scheduling a service visit, received an estimate prior to work being completed, had alternative options provided, felt they were treated respectfully and advised of the process, and paid an amount consistent with what was quoted. “Car companies and dealerships that treat and respect women well are placing themselves in a strong position to convert more browsers to buyers, and, get more referrals. Women are short on time and want to do business with dealers that are already treating women well”, said Anne Fleming, car buying advocate and president of Women-Drivers.com. 
The WSI® data comes from audited consumer reviews. On the site, individual dealerships’ scores range from 1.00 – 5.00. Dealerships with scores of 3.80 – 5.00 with a minimum number of reviews are recognized on the site and in the search engine as Certified Women-Drivers Friendly Dealers.  61% of the reviews captured are from a quad state area including Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and Maryland.
*Note: Hummer, Dodge, Land Rover, Jaguar, Volvo, Daewoo, Saab and Scion are not included due to statistically insignificant data.