Eighty-four percent of baby boomer women say they are either “somewhat comfortable” or “very comfortable” with their understanding the issues surrounding healthcare reform. This insight is one of the many garnered from a new survey on healthcare reform conducted by VibrantNation.com, the leading website for smart, successful women over 50. “Boomer women may hold the key to healthcare reform,” said Stephen Reily, Vibrant Nation founder and CEO. “While pundits debate whether the President should pass healthcare reform by majority rule or only through a bipartisan plan, there may be a third option. This influential and fast-growing demographic, who we’ve termed ‘Vibrant Women,’ offer a double benefit to this campaign: as their families’ chief healthcare officer and advocate, they understand the issues; and they also are willing to put that knowledge and experience to use in influencing others.” So what do these Vibrant Women want to see in healthcare reform?

  • 97% believe coverage for pre-existing conditions should be guaranteed,
  • 87% believe employees should be able to change jobs and keep the same insurer, and
  • 84% believe laws should prohibit insurance companies from cancelling policies for anyone who develops a given illness.
  • 54% support a tax increase on those in the highest tax bracket to pay for health coverage,
  • 53% support a “public option” – a national healthcare plan paid for with tax dollars, and
  • 50% support the expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) to cover anyone up to age 27.

“We believe this survey offers important insights for the White House and U.S. Congress,” added Reily. “First, they should not try to force this legislation through without utilizing the passion and connections of Vibrant Women who are activated and will do whatever they can to make healthcare reform pass. Second, the White House should move forward confidently in the knowledge that nearly all of these uniquely influential and engaged women embrace a common legislative agenda with more than half of them support raising taxes to pay for a public option.”

“As we see from both the survey and the active online conversations on VibrantNation.com, these women understand the issues, support President Obama’s proposal, and are willing to influence their friends, family member and elected officials,” said VibrantNation.com senior strategist Carol Orsborn. “As a Vibrant Woman myself, I believe the White House will achieve a better solution, faster, if it engages Vibrant Women who really care about this issue.”