This fall, the Special K® brand is giving women the chance to let their losses be someone else’s gain. Kellogg’s® Special K® is kicking off its Drop a Jean Size Challenge™ to help consumers lose weight, and help Kellogg® give to United Way. When participating in the Special K™ Drop a Jean Size Challenge™, participants can collect five tokens from specially-marked Special K® products and choose to receive a $10 voucher to be used towards a new pair of jeans, or to have Kellogg® donate that amount back to United Way — which makes donating simply seamless! “Special K is thrilled to be partnering with United Way once again for the Drop a Jean Size Challenge,” said Teresa Lindsey-Houston, associate director, Special K® brand. “United Way and Special K share the common goal of helping people to live healthier lives. It’s such a natural fit for both organizations to come together for such a fantastic program.” The challenge encourages women to replace two meals with a serving of Special K® cereal, protein shakes, waffles or meal bars, followed by a sensible, balanced third meal. Most participants can lose a jean size in two weeks. To provide Special K™ Challenge™ participants with a kick-off point, features a “Design Your Plan” option. After answering five health and diet-related questions, participants will receive a Special K™ Plan tailored and formulated according to their answers. The Special K™ Plan provides participants with a printable menu of meals and snacks for every day of the week. Consumers can further personalize the menu by selecting or deselecting their preferred Special K® products. The “Design Your Plan” feature also includes a link to purchase Special K® products via