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Look Good…Feel Better, a national public service program that helps women cope with the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment, recently announced the honorees from its Women of Hope is Beautiful campaign, a nationwide search to identify five women who embody the core values of the Look Good…Feel Better program – courage, confidence, control, community and caring – and inspire others with their spirit. The five Women of Hope is Beautiful were honored at the DreamBall, an annual black-tie charity gala at the Waldorf Astoria, held on September 24, that supports the Look Good…Feel Better program and celebrated its 20th anniversary. The women also received complementary makeovers with hairstyling by Anthony Barrow, Avon Global stylist and advisor, and makeup application by Ida Abruzzi. “We received so many compelling stories of strength and determination, and it was very challenging to select just five women,” says Louanne Roark, executive director, Personal Care Products Council Foundation and the Look Good…Feel Better program. “These women have all experienced the tremendous impact a Look Good…Feel Better session can have on a woman’s emotional and physical wellbeing, and they each serve as an inspiration to other women undergoing cancer treatment.” The five finalists were chosen from more than 150 submissions to the Look Good…Feel Better blog at

The Women of Hope is Beautiful were introduced on stage at the DreamBall by Hoda Kotb, co-anchor of the Today show and a breast cancer survivor. Kotb was honored as this year’s “DreamGirl” for her courage in openly sharing her cancer treatment and recovery with millions of viewers on the Today show. Since 1989, Look Good…Feel Better has helped 650,000 women with cancer look good, improve their self-esteem and thereby manage their cancer treatment and recovery with greater confidence through free workshops, practical tips and guidance. Look Good…Feel Better is a collaboration between the Personal Care Products Council Foundation, the American Cancer Society and the National Cosmetology Association. The DreamBall is jointly sponsored by the Personal Care Products Council Foundation and the American Cancer Society, bringing together nearly 700 executives in the cosmetic industry for the largest Look Good…Feel Better fundraiser of the year.

Look Good…Feel Better is one of the sponsor’s of this year’s M2W®-HC™-The Conference for Marketing Healthcare to Women (


Hologic, Inc., a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of premium diagnostics, medical imaging systems and surgical products dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of women, has announced that Jack Cumming, Hologic chairman and CEO, will preside over the NASDAQ opening bell ceremony in New York City on Thursday, October 1, 2009 at 9:30 a.m. (EST) for the fourth consecutive year to honor the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to kick off Hologic’s “Promise to Me” campaign. The initiative is focused on increasing awareness of the importance of breast cancer screening and Hologic’s funding of mammograms for underserved women.  The focus of the Promise to Me campaign is to empower women to take ownership of their health, starting with scheduling an annual mammogram. Program details will be fully available on October 1, 2009, at Through this initiative, Hologic has committed to support women who are unable to afford mammograms, and the Company has done so through a partnership with Remote Area Medical (RAM), a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to bringing healthcare services to underserved populations in remote areas in the U.S. and abroad.

“Hologic’s focus and concentration on breast cancer is unparalleled,” Cumming said. “No other major healthcare company devotes a higher percentage of its resources to the development and deployment of screening, diagnostic and therapeutic technologies to meet the diverse challenges of this disease. As a result, breast surgeons, radiation oncologists, and related healthcare professionals have come to rely on Hologic’s continued advancements in digital mammography, biopsy technologies, and radiation-focused breast conservation therapy. Early detection can significantly improve a woman’s chance of surviving breast cancer and we remain passionately committed to improving women’s healthcare by providing a comprehensive portfolio of tools and innovations to aid in early detection. It is our hope that increased awareness will encourage more women to include screening mammography as part of their routine medical care.”  To view the NASDAQ opening bell ceremony on October 1st, 2009, visit beginning at 9:15 a.m. (EST).  Jack Cumming’s opening remarks will also be available on the investor relations page of the Company’s website at

Past M2W® speaker Dennis Syracuse, SVP of Marketing Analytics for Datran Media, is looking for a Marketing Director to focus on Metrics Trends & Optimization.  The Metrics & Analysis position will collaborate with the Marketing and Analytics team to set the strategy in the areas of data analysis, measurement, pricing, optimization and interdependencies related to these functional areas.  This person must understand how to model and report on company trends and make changes where necessary. Additionally, the successful candidate needs to be someone that is ready to take action with a clear analytical and focused approach. Essential Functions (Key Results Areas): 

  • Lead the design research methodologies and related agency product offerings. 
  • Lead the information services development including technical project management of web-based applications.
  • Oversee and monitor the use of data across the company to assure alignment with both short and long term objectives. 
  • Oversee data warehouse design and deployment as well as database management. 
  • Oversee the use of Survey Research & Focus Groups for all business lines.
  • Ensure the sound use of data to predict performance.
  • Facilitate that data is accurately recorded and reported. 
  • Monitor the competitive landscape and evaluate industry trends.
  • Provide leadership around the use of the latest data collection and reporting techniques.
  • Identify and seek out 3rd party vendor solutions as needed. 
  • Provide leadership on the proper use of technology, data access and data usage.
  • Provide leadership around business process development and reengineering. 
  • Promote the company as a leader in marketing measurement and performance modeling .

A PhD is required for this role with a preference going to candidates with undergraduate degrees in Marketing or Business Administration. 8-10 years of experience in market research and analysis required. Excellent negotiation, presentation skills, strong written/oral communication skills are required.  For additional information or to submit a resume, contact

Women At NBCU recently kicked off the official start to Advertising Week in New York with a star-studded interactive breakfast showcasing NBCU’s broad array of female skewing brands including TODAY, iVillage, Oxygen, “The Biggest Loser,” Bravo, “Green is Universal” and Telemundo. Lauren Zalaznick, president of NBC Universal Women & Lifestyle Entertainment Networks, Bravo’s Bethenny Frankel and Linda Sawyer, CEO of  Deutch Inc. and co-chair of Advertising Week, hosted the breakfast.  The theme of the event, “NBCU ‘Gets’ Women,” brought to life the widest-reaching female-skewing brands in the media and entertainment business and illustrated that NBCU has the pulse on women at every life stage. Women At NBCU designs highly customized ad campaigns to reach an exact female psychographic from the “Generation O” viewer to the Bravo Affluencer to the eco-mom who is watching TODAY and blogging on iVillage. Recent sizable Women At NBCU deals include General Mills, Kodak and WalMart.  To see videos from the event visit,,g0w4zbln,00.html.

This week, Yoplait, in partnership with Susan G. Komen for the Cure, launched Know Your Girls, an interactive campaign that empowers young women to learn about breast cancer risk factors — and then share this knowledge with their circle of friends. Know Your Girls connects young women to valuable information and one another in order to raise awareness of the fact that young women can and do get breast cancer. Thousands of young women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the next year, but most young women don’t consider the risks of getting the disease until they are older or are touched by it through a friend or relative. Yoplait encourages all young women to sign on to this campaign to learn how to protect their “girls” and share the information with their friends. “The Know Your Girls program is designed to engage young women, help them connect with each other through education, and ultimately pass along information on the best breast-health habits and screening measures,” said Tammy Sadinsky Martin, senior marketing manager for Yoplait. “There still is no cure for breast cancer, so education and early detection programs are some of the strongest defenses against the disease; we are asking young women to educate themselves and spread awareness to their peers.” Yoplait invites young women to visit Here, they can access tips on how to protect their “girls,” become more aware of breast cancer risk factors, and pledge to protect themselves and their friends. For every pledge received by October 31, 2009, Yoplait will donate 10 cents to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, up to $100,000. Money raised through the Know Your Girls program will help fund new research led by breast cancer survivor and researcher Dr. Kristi Egland, which could detect and diagnose breast cancer at the earliest stage. “By taking proactive steps to learn about breast health at a younger age through programs like Know Your Girls, women can educate themselves and those they care about,” explains Karen White of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. “This campaign is fun, yet ultimately has a serious purpose — to raise awareness that breast cancer happens to young women, too.” At, women can share information with their friends, take informational quizzes, and watch a video about other young women making the pledge.

Women have made gains in the job market, now holding half of our nation’s 132 million jobs, according to recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, a gap remains in their understanding and use of benefits that protect their income, according to research by The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. Men have higher participation rates for income protection benefits, such as life and disability insurance, while women have higher participation in health benefits, including medical and dental coverage, according to The Hartford’s national survey. Sixty-four percent of women wage earners said they “completely or mostly” understand life insurance compared with 79 percent of men. And 61 percent of women workers said they have life insurance through their employer, compared to 68 percent of men. “Women are making important contributions to the U.S. economy and to their family finances,” said Laura Marzi, assistant vice president of marketing in The Hartford’s Group Benefits Division. “We are concerned about the number of women who still lag behind men in protecting their wages. We’re encouraging all workers, particularly working women, to take steps to protect their physical and financial health.” The recent recession has put a focus on women’s wages. Men have suffered the most job losses in the past year, and women have outpaced men in getting jobs in the sectors that are growing, such as health care and education, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, one in three women (32 percent) surveyed by The Hartford said they are just meeting their expenses or do not have enough income to meet their expenses, compared to one in five men (19 percent). The survey also found that 97 percent of all workers would have to change their lifestyle to meet expenses if they lost part of their family’s income for three to six months. “We hope a lesson from recent tough times will be the importance of financial planning, including life insurance for all wage earners in a family,” Marzi added. Other key findings:

  • Sixty-eight percent of women surveyed said they are the primary decision maker in their household.
  • Many said they turn to their family for advice when they are considering life insurance. Spouses and immediate family members were the top influencer (62 percent) among female survey participants.
  • One in three women (32 percent) said it is extremely important to discuss end-of-life issues, such as life insurance, with family members. Yet, the survey data indicated men are more comfortable than women discussing these issues. And only 28 percent of women reported having a will, compared to 42 percent of men.

Tampax has announced that tennis champion Serena Williams will appear in a print advertising campaign starting in October 2009. The images bring to life Tampax’s “Outsmart Mother Nature” campaign, further illustrating the brand’s commitment to celebrating today’s women and empowering them to live life on their own terms every day. Williams will be featured in a series of playful, lighthearted advertisements and online videos. In each piece, Williams defeats Tampax’s Mother Nature character, who tries to deliver her “monthly gift” in an unsuccessful attempt to throw Williams off her game – on and off the tennis court. “Serena embodies the energy, independence and strength we celebrate in women, and this exciting partnership is a game-changing moment for the feminine care industry,” said Courtney Schuster, associate brand manager, Tampax. “In this creative, lighthearted campaign, Serena embodies the playful wit of Tampax as she continues to be a champion and successfully Outsmarts Mother Nature.” A series of print ads will run starting in October 2009, with the first print ad in October issues of national teen publications and national beauty, health and women’s lifestyle publications this winter. To see the print ads and online videos, visit and

The economic recession is often reported in terms of big numbers: numbers of people laid-off, dollars lost in the stock market, numbers of home foreclosures. Our friends at Reel Insights, whose parent company SNiPPiES was the Video Journalism Resource for 2009 M2W®-The Marketing To Women Conference, is looking to narrow those huge numbers down to one person — a mother who has been affected in some way by the recession. Reel Insights is currently taking video submissions (3-5 minute edited videos) that profile a Mom who has been changed in some way by the current state of the economy.  The Mom doesn’t have to have to be one who lost her job or her house, though she might have. She doesn’t have to be down and out, though she may be. Maybe the Mom simply had to make some spending adjustments. Maybe the recession just made her think – and changed her outlook on her life or her family. Reel Insights wants to understand who this Mom is – what she values, what she believes, and how those deep seated ideals have been changed or challenged by the recession, or how they have guided the Mom in her response to the changing events around her.  Deadline for submissions is September 27, 2009. In addition to cash prizes, the best videos will be shown during M2Moms®-The Marketing To Moms Conference 2009.  Visit Reel Insights for additional eligibility details and a list of proposed questions to be used during the “Mom” interview. 

A new Lactose Intolerance in Multicultural Communities Survey sponsored by the LACTAID® Brand found that 78 percent of African American women reduce the amount of milk or dairy in their diet as a way to manage their lactose intolerance. Yet, 48 percent of African American women who have lactose intolerance worry the condition keeps them from consuming important nutrients, such as calcium and vitamins A and D. Despite their concerns, only 16 percent have talked to a health care professional about lactose intolerance. The study found that half of African American women are unsure about what foods are safe to eat without triggering symptoms and 12 percent remove dairy from their diet completely as a way to control their lactose intolerance. This is concerning as dairy foods and beverages contain essential nutrients that are important for a healthy lifestyle. Since up to 80 percent of African Americans may have symptoms of lactose intolerance, there is a need for a greater understanding of how to manage the condition. In fact lactose intolerance is easy to diagnose and easy to manage, without forgoing milk and the dairy foods African Americans and their families love. That’s why to help educate women about lactose intolerance, the LACTAID® Brand has partnered with Delilah Winder, celebrity chef, author and restaurant owner, to share her recipes and tips for eating healthy and enjoying dairy again. The LACTAID(R) Brand recently conducted the Lactose Intolerance in Multicultural Communities Survey to gain insight into how multicultural women, who are more likely to have lactose intolerance, understand and manage the condition. Additional findings include:

  • Fifty-seven percent of African American women feel inconvenienced by their condition.
  • Eighty-four percent want to keep dairy in their diet because of its health benefits – 48 percent because it is a natural source of calcium and nutrients and 36 percent to maintain healthy bones.
  • A majority of African American women are worried about managing their lactose intolerance in social settings.
  • Seventy-four percent worry about experiencing symptoms when enjoying a meal with others.
  • Sixty-two percent feel they have to avoid certain foods before or during social events.
  • Forty-eight percent are uncertain about eating foods prepared by friends or family.
  • Sixty-three percent of African American women do not know that lactose-free products, like LACTAID(R) Milk, Ice Cream and Cottage Cheese, have the same important nutrients found in regular milk and other dairy products.

Seventy-five years ago, Levi Strauss & Co. took a risk that forever changed the course of women’s fashion. In the fall of 1934, the company introduced “Lady Levi’s® jeans” – the world’s first jeans made exclusively for women ( Jeans were originally created by Levi Strauss & Co. for working men in 1873, but the category has since seen a dramatic shift with the advent of the first jeans for women. Today, new fits, fabrics and finish innovations are typically first developed to meet women’s needs and tastes and are driven by the demands of the women’s market. In fact, sales of women’s jeans surpassed men’s in 2000, making women the leading consumers of denim in the United States. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of women’s denim, Levi Strauss & Co. Historian Lynn Downey will host store events in New York (September 26th), Los Angeles (October 3rd), San Francisco (October 17th), and Chicago (October 24th) where shoppers can see historical women’s jeans and memorabilia and receive special discounts. “The Levi’s® brand has a rich heritage of making jeans for fiercely independent and original women – from the pioneering women of the American West who first adopted men’s jeans and inspired the creation of a women’s jeans range, to today’s movie icons,” said You Nguyen, senior vice president and creative director for the Levi’s® brand. “Women have truly embraced jeans and made them the cornerstone of their wardrobes. We are just as focused today as we were in 1934 on creating great fitting jeans that make women feel unstoppable.”

“Levi Strauss & Co.’s decision to create a line of women’s Levi’s® jeans was very progressive at the time,” said Lynn Downey, historian for Levi Strauss & Co. “Pants still weren’t an acceptable part of a woman’s wardrobe, let alone a style of pants considered to be men’s workwear. The Lady Levi’s® line offered forward-thinking women a new sense of freedom – and though this new-found liberation started in the West, it eventually became a nationwide phenomenon.”

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