This fall American coffee cup tippers will be breaking new “grounds” by changing their normal morning show routine–and checking out the newly revamped The Balancing Act. Women who want a fast-paced half-hour of news you can use, and endless entertainment will be looking to The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television for their daily dose of trends and tips–featuring advice from the country’s leading experts. Kay Renz Public Relations will be guiding the producers on exciting ways to garner the attention of women across the country as the show kicks off the new season on August 24th with two engaging new hosts, Beth Troutman and Kristi Villa, and a sleek new set.  “Women are looking for a new show to wake up with, and The Balancing Act really speaks to their issues,” says Kay Renz. “Each show offers segments women will enjoy and learn from–it’s real advice that will help them and their families every day! And the new hosts will become every woman’s new best friends! They are bright, funny, energetic and they get it! They’re women. They know the struggle it is to keep the balance between all of a woman’s multiple roles.”  Some of the hot topics the show will be addressing include the possible dangers of sugar substitutes, celebrity style tips with JoJo Cohen, back-to-school tips and tricks, healthy snack ideas, and an October salute to cancer survivors.