Ladies Who Launch together with partner Dr. Skip Aldridge, an expert in organizational psychology and leadership, are thrilled to offer the Reflections Assessment Tool: A Workbook for Entrepreneurial Personal Development. This one-of-a-kind tool not found anywhere else is available on the Ladies Who Launch website at []. Women are launching businesses at twice the rate of men and researchers have made several observations regarding the characteristics of entrepreneurs, including personality traits that reflect a high belief in their control over life’s events and a strong need for achievement. Specifically Dr. Skip’s research shows that there are traits inherent to women entrepreneurs that are differentiated from their male counterparts. Successful women entrepreneurs tend to be more extroverted, show more sensitivity and trust, tend to be slightly more self-critical, more forthright and open in their communications, less rule bound, but more attentive to detail. This workbook is designed for both aspiring and established launchers, as well as the “just launched” set. What you can expect from this workbook:

  • A comprehensive breakdown of characteristics specific to successful women entrepreneurs and the differences from their male counterparts.
  • A robust and customized analysis of your personality traits, strengths and limitations.
  • Concrete suggestions and in-depth guide for overcoming your limitations and filling in the gaps in areas where improvement is needed.

Finally available is a personality tool that takes the profile of a successful woman entrepreneur and compares it to YOUR personality, noting areas of strength and limitations, with concrete suggestions for improving limitations. “We are excited to offer this brand new one-of-a-kind tool to both new and established launchers as well as aspiring launchers who hope to have their own business one day,” said Victoria Colligan, founder of Ladies Who Launch. “The goals of the Reflections(C) report and Ladies Who Launch are quite similar, assisting women achieve their dreams through entrepreneurship. With the unique and customized Reflections(C) report, women entrepreneurs can learn how their personality profile compares to that of highly successful women business owners, based on years of doctoral-level research and statistics. It not only highlights one’s strengths and limitations, but then offers practical actions toward bridging the gap to success,” stated Dr. Skip.