(, the world’s leading online skill games company, recently brought together women gamers – ages 24 to 61 – to speak directly to the casual games industry and reveal what it is about gaming that motivates them. organized a live focus group of 6 women to give women gamers their voice, and to help the industry learn more about their motivations for playing games and what makes the best games. Key findings included:

  • Women are just as competitive as anybody, competition is really important and they really want to win.
  • Women want games to look good and be visually captivating. Vivid colors and animation are big motivators for women to play with a game. Dull colors and flat graphics are a turn-off.
  • Women want to be able to play games and donate their prizes, points or cash to charity. They felt that, during the recession, there should be a demonstration of compassion from the gaming community.
  • Women felt that playing games online was now sexy, and no longer geeky. Rather than feeling like a “loser,” it was felt that gaming had become mainstream and socially acceptable among their friends.
  • Women use games as a form of mental exercise, using their progression through different levels to evaluate their progress and stimulate their brains.
  • Women play games to get better at playing games. They actively hunt out games that help them improve their game play; even playing games they aren’t attracted to if it helps them master their favorite ones.
  • Women like to spend money on online games. Most spent between $30-$50 per month on online games.
  • Women play up to 8 hours every day, breaking up their game play to accommodate their professional and domestic schedules.

“We continue to gain insight into our users through dialog, surveys and ongoing interaction. This panel provides a useful snapshot of new interests and trends within the casual games industry,” said Riccardo Zacconi, CEO,