As a means to help women to take charge of their financial planning needs, Penn Mutual has introduced a proprietary Worth for Women calculator, accessible at The calculator is an interactive device that allows a woman to measure her true economic value, including often overlooked measurements like childcare, budget management and homemaking.  The survey and calculator are key components of Penn Mutual’s Worth program, an approach that embraces the vastly underserved women’s market with educational resources and tools that advocate women take charge of their financial futures by considering the entirety of their value to home and family.  Women comprise 51% of the population and hold 43% of America’s wealth. They typically outlive their spouses. Remarkably, most women are neither confident about their finances nor have planned for their future. The Penn Mutual proprietary survey data showed that women who have life insurance differed substantially from the norm and that women insured for the same amount as their spouses were even more likely to have a positive outlook. Eileen McDonnell, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Penn Mutual, says, “We launched Worth to help women take charge of their future and recognize their value. The survey clearly validates our beliefs in the value for women in developing a financial plan that includes life insurance as its cornerstone.” The Worth for Women calculator is one of the highlights of a Penn Mutual program that includes a new and dynamic content-rich website, newsletter, brochures, a seminar series and other communications initiatives that allow financial professionals to craft a plan specifically geared to meet the challenges and fulfill the goals of women at every life stage. “At Penn Mutual we have a commitment to life insurance and annuity products that can add a fair value perspective to the real contribution women make to the household and society. As part of Worth, we’re also aiding our network of financial professionals as they consider more holistic approaches to the financial planning they do for women,” McDonnell said.