Women-Drivers.com, an online community that connects women and families with certified Women-Drivers Friendly™ dealerships, has just released new research findings regarding female consumers and their service experience at car dealerships.  Here are some highlights of the latest aggregate Women Satisfaction Index (WSI®):
Where women have most of their service work completed:

  • The dealership where they purchased their car: 54% 
  • Another dealership: 27% 
  • Mechanic: 15% 
  • Retail service center: 4% 

Felt it was easy to schedule their service visit:

  • Yes: 61% 
  • No: 39% 

Felt they were treated respectfully by the service manager/ or advisor: 

  • Yes: 71% 
  • No: 29% 

Were informed of the progress of their service: 

  • Yes: 83% 
  • No: 17% 

 Top reasons for not using the dealership’s service center: 

  • Cost 
  • Not satisfied with last experience 
  • Location 

Of the women who did not use the dealership center, which amenities would encourage them go: 

  • Media center: 42% 
  • Coffee or café: 26% 
  • Bistro or deli: 17% 
  • Courtesy vehicle: 11% 
  • Childcare: 4% 

Car owner was satisfied with the cleanliness of the vehicle upon pick-up: 

  • Yes: 93% 
  • No: 7% 

Car owner will return to this service center for future needs:  

  • Yes: 74% 
  • No: 26%  

M2W E-ssentials readers are encouraged to visit  www.women-drivers.com and rate their last, or most interesting, dealership experience.