Looking for talented women? Look no further than Twolia.com. Created by entrepreneur Donna Mete and her team, the beta site features the sale of music by independent female musicians, an online shopping mall, talent contests, television and film awards, a Screening room with films produced or directed by women, blogs on a variety of topics, and a series of WebTV shows hosted by actresses everywhere. Billed as the “definitive site for filmmakers, independent musicians, actors, entrepreneurs and creative women seeking a platform for their many talents”, Twolia provides a personalized online sales and marketing platform, along with full supported transaction processing to enable women to promote, sell, and distribute their products anywhere in the world. Membership is free and Twolia has established advertising and marketing partnerships with Billboard/Backstage, Sonicbids, E-Jamming, and Tube Mogul. Twolia anticipates interest by entertainment booking agents and talent scouts looking to represent today’s female talent.