As reported by Tim Manners on his blog, the less adventurous of us can follow the ventures of Roz Savage as she strives to become the first woman to row across the Pacific Ocean by visiting the Roz Tracker on the website. States Manners, “an interactive map not only shows Roz’s position, but also provides links to the blog posts, tweets and videos she is uploading along her way.” The blog continues, “The RozTracker was developed by Archinoetics, and is an outgrowth of an educational program called Project Niu, designed to teach ‘students about ocean science, technology and environmental stewardship,’ by tracking ocean currents and the travels of ocean debris. When she gets to the equator, Roz will deploy a special ‘niu’ (Hawaiian for ‘coconut’) that’s ‘equipped with Iridium satellite phones, solar panels and sensors that gather and transmit data.’ It’s hoped the device will deliver new information about marine debris near the equator.” Using Google Maps and GPS, RozTracker gives visitors a “map, journal entries and graphs measuring her heading, distances and speed, as well as her days at sea, miles traveled and number of oar strokes.” There is a Facebook widget and soon to be released iPhone application.