Make It Happen For Women has launched a program specializing in helping women who need assistance as they are looking for a job and going through a life or career transition such as being laid off, fired, afraid they are going to lose their job, going through a divorce, having an illness in the family, having a partner who has just lost a job, or women who are taking care of elder parents and need to work in a different kind of culture. Says president Vicki Brackett, “Men and Women approach their job searches differently. Part of every woman’s career service should include assistance with the emotional obstacles, including fear, immobilization and doubt which most women encounter during a job search.”  Make It Happen For Women believes that every woman should take charge of her career and make calculated career moves. “For Women Only” company has created a Personal Marketing Toolbox™, Job Search Strategies Project Plan and Breakthrough Coaching that personalizes the services to help women accomplish a job search that works for both their career and personal life. Brackett adds, “We want to reach every woman. We understand how hard it can be and we know we can assist with strategic, tactical and emotional strategies to help them take control of their career.”