Brighton Collectibles announces a new nationwide promotion in their retail stores. Known for excellent quality and a broad-ranging assortment of finely crafted designs, Brighton Collectibles accessorizes women from head to toe with handbags, jewelry, belts, footwear, small leather essentials, eyewear, luggage, fragrances and gifts. Realizing that while fashion is an option, food is a necessity, they decided to combine the two in a unique way by offering customers up to 40% off on Brighton shoes in exchange for canned food donations to be given to charities. The promotion will be held in their stores from May 29 – June 26, 2009. Brighton Collectibles’ founder and owner, Jerry Kohl, explains, “Many of our friends, neighbors and customers are in positions they have never been in before. People who live down the street and have kids and mortgages are going hungry, and need our help. As a small company that doesn’t have to worry about bankers and shareholders, Brighton can do things other companies can’t — and we thought that this way of helping would be fun for everyone who participates and wants to make a difference in people’s lives.” Believing that “feeding our friends is good for the sole”, Brighton’s promotion allows people to contribute a lot or a little and be rewarded for their generosity: Customers who donate 5 cans of food receive 20% off a pair of Brighton shoes; with a 10-can donation, they receive 30% off a pair of Brighton shoes; with a 20-can food donation, they receive 40% off a pair of Brighton shoes and with 40 cans of food, they receive 40% off the price of multiple pairs. Donations will go to local food banks, which are struggling to meet the increasing demand from those who are affected by economic challenges.