With 1,800 dealers closing, many consumers will be buying a car from a new dealership for the first time in years. Where will these ‘orphaned owners’ go? What dealership should they trust? Do women really have time to go to 4 or 5 dealerships to decide where to buy their next vehicle? Women-Drivers.com, the premiere site for women and families with automotive needs, provides a solution. Women-Drivers.com connects women and families to certified Women-Drivers Friendly® dealerships. Women answer questions about their actual purchasing, browsing and service experience. Based upon these easy to answer surveys, dealerships with a score of 3.8 to 5.0 are recognized as Women-Drivers Friendly®. This assists women in locating the women-friendly dealers in her city. ABC News featured Women-Drivers as a go-to site both before and after visiting the dealership. “Women influence the purchase of 80% of vehicles. That, along with what women spend on service work, equates to $200 billion dollars worth of purchasing power at car dealerships in our country. Yet, the process of buying a car is uncomfortable for many women,” says Women-Drivers.com president, Anne Fleming. Women-Drivers.com is a 360◦ solution provider assisting consumers with all their auto needs. Women have the opportunity to hone their negotiating skills by taking a test, which provides a custom negotiating approach for the process. Women-Drivers keeps users engaged with other features including “Her & His” car reviews, technology trends, maintenance terminology, and the latest in child safety. A video section titled “Don’t Get Chicked” highlights interesting scenarios of empowered women at the dealership. Women-Drivers™ collects the experiences, preferences and demographics and makes them available via WSI INSIGHT™ subscriptions. These reports provide educational tools for the dealerships clients to improve their service to women.