The Timberland Company recently announced that it will launch the Timberland Boot Company™ collection for women in Fall 2009 (available at retail in September). Since its debut in the UK in 2005 and its American introduction in 2007, the Timberland Boot Company™ men’s collection has resonated strongly with discerning consumers who appreciate upper-echelon quality and authentic design. The new collection will offer women a line of trend-right, premium footwear designed with reverence for and dedication to the art of boot making.  Developed as a tribute to the strong, independent women who shaped post-industrial America, the Fall 2009 debut collection features beautifully-crafted and purposeful footwear designed by and for women. Modern silhouettes, inspired by traditional menswear, are tailored with a feminine twist, and delicate cues evoke stories in which shoes were mended and embellished over time.  The line includes three key collections, designed by three different designers. Each designer approached her collection by researching the time period to identify societal milestones that may have affected what women were wearing. They identified fictional and real-life female icons — including Georgia O’Keefe, Rosie the Riveter and their own grandmothers — pulling inspiration from both historical and family archives.

  • Marge – Inspired by the women who moved to cities and entered the workforce, styles (including Peep Toe and Lace Up heels) feature simple stitching and delicate details – embellishments that convey a unique sense of femininity and individuality. Women, then and now, might wear these as a casual office heel.
  • Lucille – Inspired by the days when women were called upon by their country for duty – in factories and on assembly lines – styles (including Lace Up and Tall Boots) feature toned-down leathers that appear worn and repaired, to reflect the utility and ingenuity of the era. These rugged, work-wear silhouettes are delicately crafted with a narrow shaft reminiscent of vintage boots for everyday wear.
  • Gavie – Inspired by women who cherished artistic expression – artists and teachers, for example – styles (including Kilties and Oxfords) are traditional and artful, with chic details, accents, unique leather combinations and understated stitching. Designed for an active lifestyle, this collection is versatile, allowing women to dress styles up or down to extend a wearing occasion. 

“The Timberland Boot Company™ collection for women is designed to celebrate the creativity and individuality of the women who stepped out after fighting for and winning the right to vote in 1918,” said Christopher Pawlus, Timberland’s senior creative drector for Women’s. “Whether they entered the workforce in a clerical or industrial role, or found their independence in teaching or through art, the women who inspired this collection were all strong, inventive and unique. The collection is designed to reflect the utilitarian, well-crafted footwear that was worn during this period, and the time and care women took for their shoes to make them last for years. We feel that this line strongly reintroduces how beautiful the Timberland(R) brand can be for women.”