Big Green Breakthrough LLC recently launched with a Big Green Declaration for Change that invites thousands of women business owners and managers to embrace a new transformational business strategy that defines prosperity in terms of health and wellness, work-life balance, environmental protection and  social responsibility.   Big Green Breakthrough CEO and friend of Good And Green™ and M2W® Diane MacEachern said she is focusing on women entrepreneurs because, as the nation’s fastest-growing business group, they offer an unprecedented opportunity to both revitalize the economy and protect the environment. “Women business owners and managers will lead us out of the recession,” MacEachern said, “especially if they are “green.”   “We are 100% focused on ROI, profitability, boosting sales and cutting costs,” said MacEachern. “But we are equally committed to empowering businesses to help reduce climate change, protect clean air and  water, and reduce exposure to dangerous chemicals. Our immediate goal is to help women-owned companies face urgent needs to trim budgets, minimize risk, and maximize growth. We believe our sustainability strategies offer the most cost-effective and immediate solutions available to achieve these objectives.” MacEachern will coach women business owners in these strategies by helping them create a Breakthrough Blueprint to boost efficiency, reduce energy expenses, eliminate waste, streamline processes and engage and retain quality employees. Though the initial focus will be on achieving quick wins, ultimately, companies whose owners and managers enroll in the Breakthrough program will benefit from a comprehensive long-term plan that has the potential to transform their business and establish them as leaders in their market.  Though any business could benefit from the Breakthrough program, it will be particularly valuable for CEOs, CFOs, Human Resource and Wellness managers, and department heads in small and mid-sized women-owned companies who understand the opportunities sustainability offers but lack the resources to hire in-house employees or consultants. In addition, the program will help women who are in “launch mode” put breakthrough strategies in place right from the beginning. By participating in the Big Green Breakthrough program, companies can enjoy the economies of scale that the program allows, essentially sharing the cost of access to exceptional expertise and valuable resources with other program participants.