, the leading provider of life-management tracking and reporting, recently announced the release of a suite of trackers that address the changing life needs of women. These trackers—Menstrual Cycle, Ovulation, Pregnancy and Menopause—join’s other free online and iPhone trackers that include exercise, food, medications, mood, disease management and much more.  “As an OB/GYN provider, it is extremely helpful to have accurate data from a patient as to when her problems began and how they have progressed,” says Valerie Sorkin-Wells, M.D., a board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist (OB/GYN) from the Arizona Wellness Center for Women in Phoenix. “For example, using’s women’s health trackers is an objective way for a woman to monitor her menstrual pattern so that she not only becomes comfortable with what is her norm, but to also identify disruptive patterns that could be the first sign of concern.“  The Women’s Health trackers allow women to monitor everything from symptoms to moods to weight as they navigate important life phases like trying to get pregnant or managing menopause.

“Women using expressed a strong need for trackers that can help them understand the bigger picture of what’s going on with their bodies,” states Douglas Trauner, CEO and founder of Health Analytic Services, Inc., the producer of “Not only do these trackers help women easily manage their everyday health, they also support the ability to take control of all aspects of their life that influence health—from home life to career.”  TheCarrot’s tracking service goes beyond the basic journaling functionality of most other online tools. Users can run personalized, easy-to-read reports based on their tracking data that clearly show trends and cause-and-effect relationships among the areas they are tracking; women can use that information to make changes in the right areas to improve their health and well-being.