7B Labs recently announced hat the Bluetooth Headset Gender Preference Report will be available in mid-April of 2009. The report will highlight the differences in preferences between men and women regarding Bluetooth Headsets.  The study is the result of a three-pronged approach to identify consumer preferences, including a 200+ person consumer survey, a consumer test of leading headset products, and an analysis of consumer ratings and reviews of Bluetooth Headsets.  In the survey, consumers were asked detailed questions about the most important features and performance characteristics of Bluetooth Headsets both when considering a new headset purchase and in product usage. The results show substantial differences between men and women, which will be presented in the final report.  Also in the survey, consumers were presented with a simulated e-commerce environment where they were asked to rank order eight headsets from BlueAnt, Jabra, Jawbone, Motorola, Plantronics and others. Consumers rated the products based on the company’s marketing claims, an image of the product, and the consumer rating of the products. Again, there were significant differences in preference between men and women, which will be presented in the final report.  To further understand female consumer preferences, and to determine if there is a headset or set of headsets which are clearly favored by females, 7B Labs conducted a head-to-head consumer test of the 4 headsets which received the highest preference share in the simulated e-commerce test. These headsets were evaluated by members of the 7B Consumer Network, and their feedback will be presented in the final report.  The Gender Preference Report, including external communication rights, is available for purchase from 7B Labs. Interested parties should contact 7Bil Labs at info@7bil.com for pricing and availability information. Early-bird pricing is available prior to April 11.