Women-Drivers.com is a bilingual social networking site that allows women to review their browsing, buying and servicing experience at new car dealerships nationwide. The reviews, all generated from women, are compiled, audited, and calculated into Women’s Satisfaction Index™ or a WSI™ scores for a dealership.  Dealerships with scores above a 3.8 and higher (out of a 1 – 5 scale) are recognized and marketed as ‘Certified Women-Friendly’. Women-Drivers mission is to put buyers in direct communication with Women-Friendly dealers. The company sells the experiences, preferences and demographics to the dealership network so they can convert more browsers to buyers as well as provide pathways for dealerships to improve their level of service to women.  Women-Drivers is proving to also be a valuable tool for dealerships that do cater to women buyers. With funding now being made available to Detroit’s Big Three, manufacturer’s will be quick to infuse marketing dollars to jump-start credit, sales and interest in the newest 2009 line up. Women-Drivers provides a true competitive edge for dealers. Below are some of the highlights and scores from the businesses’ first quarter collective survey results.   

 WSI score for Salespeople when reviewer was BRWOSING:  3.67

  • 53% of those that did not purchase said it was because of “high pressured salesperson”
  • 54% went to dealership by themselves
  • 62% received follow up communication

WSI score for Salespeople when reviewer was PURCHASING:  4.55

  • Top reasons for purchasing at this dealership:  Referral from a friend, Best price/deal, Salesperson service, Best trade-in
  • 43% went to dealership by themselves
  • 88% received follow up communication

WSI score for Service Managers:  4.24

  • 54% use the dealership’s service department
  • 93% were satisfied with vehicles cleanliness upon pick-up
  • 74% received follow up communication