National personal care and wellness company Soul Purpose® announced its unprecedented growth during times when many companies are experiencing layoffs and cutbacks. A privately held company, Soul Purpose does not publically disclose financial statements. However, Soul Purpose® president, Nadine Abraham Thompson stated that the company has experienced a gain in sales in excess of 25% for the first two months of 2009. Soul Purpose began sales of their nature-based line of high quality personal care products less than one year ago in May 2008. Today, Thompson states that their entrepreneurs have sold over $1 million dollars in products in less than 12 months of phased in sales. This is unprecedented for a start-up direct sales company especially in these challenging financial times.  The rapid rise in sales and recruiting can be attributed to several factors, stated Thompson, “In an economic downturn such as the one we are experiencing, we generally see an increase in the number of people seeking additional income streams, often outside of mainstream business. With the unemployment rate currently hovering around 8.1% nationwide and foreclosures at an all time high, a lot of people are looking for a way to make ends meet. Soul Purpose provides that opportunity for them.”  Soul Purpose’s increase in sales has come primarily from their core personal care and wellness products, as well as the addition of Tru Chocolate, a healthy weight management chocolate.  Soul Purpose, while appreciating the need for empowerment in the African American community, understands that this need is applicable to all women, in all communities. The company is dedicated to providing entrepreneurial opportunities and resources to empower people (with a focus on African-American, Hispanic, Asian and Native American women), and will create a global network of empowerment partners by building community with its consultants and vendors.