Clear Channel, the largest owner of radio stations in the U.S., and Ms. CEO Media Inc. recently announced that starting March 21, “The Ms. CEO Show with Felicia Joy” will air live on Saturdays at 11AM on 640 WGST in Atlanta. The Ms. CEO Show, a one-hour live talk radio show geared toward women entrepreneurs was created by host Felicia Joy, an Atlanta-based entrepreneur.  Felicia’s radio program, launched online in December 2008, is just in time to capitalize on three key trends: First, business owners and downsized workers-turned-entrepreneurs are looking for ideas and information to help them stay afloat or launch a business during tough economic times. Second, while talk radio has long been dominated by political programming geared toward male audiences making Rush Limbaugh the top paid radio show host in the country, more women are now tuning in to talk radio with a desire for programming that addresses their perspectives, issues and lifestyles. Third, the Center for Women’s Business Research and the U.S. Small Business Administration confirm that women entrepreneurs are starting businesses at twice the rate of men.  Recognizing this shift in the talk radio landscape and the demand for business information, Clear Channel’s 640 WGST, which already carries other business-oriented programming such as the Wall Street Journal Report has tapped The Ms. CEO Show for their weekend lineup. “Felicia’s advice for entrepreneurs is presented with a substance and style that reflects 640 WGST’s standards. Listeners will learn a lot from Felicia and her guests about building their businesses. I think even men are going to like listening,” says WGST program director Scott Lindy.