Pink Tank, a division of GSW Worldwide, an inVentiv Health company, and a sponsor for the upcoming M2W-HC-The Conference for Marketing Healthcare to Women, recently launched a new website at  Pink Tank is a full-service consultancy, specializing in women and health that helps marketers connect with the female influencers in healthcare, whether they are healthcare professionals, patients, caregivers or consumers. The Pink Tank team consists of experienced marketers with a unique combination of marketing to women experience and professional healthcare expertise. The fun and easy-to-use site ( reflects Pink Tank’s specialized offerings and ability to find the affinity point that resonates with a woman and her healthcare provider, while also providing information about strategic consulting services that recognize future trends and emerging brand opportunities for clients who want to reach women consumers.  “Over the past two years, Pink Tank has generated so much interest we wanted to make it easier for people to find out what we are about,” said Marcee Nelson, founder and president of Pink Tank. “Previously, information about Pink Tank was found only through GSW Worldwide’s website so it seemed like the right time for us to create The site will allow us to expand our reach and give people a chance to explore in more detail how our unique blend of expertise might help them with their marketing challenges,” says Nelson.   The site explains how Pink Tank’s combination of marketing to women experience and health care expertise makes the group uniquely equipped to bring a health lens to consumer products or the ability to impact both sides of the physician/patient conversation in the pharmaceutical space. There is information about how Pink Tank can help streamline the strategic process with proprietary insight mining methods and strategy tools like Conversation Mapping™ and Empathology™. also highlights Pink Panels™ and Pink Rooms™, tailored qualitative research techniques that help uncover the hardwiring that drives behavior and can measure an idea’s “shareworthiness” among women.  “Pink Tank fills a gap because healthcare is a world of practical benefits but the way in which women make health decisions is anything but practical,” explains Nelson. “We hope the site reflects various ways in which our team can help create a lasting, impactful brand experience for all stakeholders involved in healthcare decision making.”