Sahara Media Holdings, Inc., a multimedia company, has re-launched Honey Magazine, the first popular publication to embrace an audience of young multicultural women, as an interactive online space at, consists of four major components, which support the empowerment of women: community, communication, career, and connection. Within these components there are topics such as “the buzz,” “careers,” “your life,” and “the look,” among others. Integrated with the website is a robust social networking component where editorial pieces will interact with user created content: Honey readers can create custom profiles, upload pictures and video to share with friends, write blogs, and start their own groups, among other features. Sahara Media is among the first social marketers to pioneer this kind of integrated content platform. A web-based magazine will allow for more frequent and timely coverage, real-time commentary, and the use of multi-media content.  To initially populate the website with users, Sahara will utilize its acquired database consisting of names, addresses, and zip codes of approximately four million African-American and Latino urban women and men in the eighteen- to thirty-four-year-old demographic. This database has the potential to build Sahara’s online readership while providing additional marketing and list-rental opportunities. In addition to the already acquired names, Sahara will gather valuable information from new and unique users who register at the site. By aggregating this information, the company can provide value to advertisers by providing the opportunity to target ads specifically to the user as a result of knowing the users interests and demographic.  “We recently achieved several major milestones including the successful completion of ten million dollars in private placements by John Thomas Financial, and the recent hire of Honey Magazine’s new editor-in-chief Shanel Odum,” says Philmore Anderson IV, founder and CEO of Sahara Media, Inc. “We are thrilled to reach several milestones very quickly, including the launch of our multimedia platform. We believe the website contains articles and features that meet the needs and interests of today’s urban female community. Our platform not only provides original and exciting content to users but also creates a uniquely participatory community that will provide marketing and research opportunities for advertisers.”