Shady Day Inc., the makers of innovative sun protection Wipes and Face Sticks, is partnering with the Aim at Melanoma Foundation to offer “Protect Your Pout,” an exclusive organic sun protection lip balm available on store shelves now. A portion of proceeds from sales of Protect Your Pout will go to support the Foundation’s ongoing melanoma research and education efforts, especially those targeting young women.  Earlier this year, new research released by the National Cancer Institute indicated a sharp rise in the incidents of melanoma among young women. Specifically the research indicated that melanoma rate among this population had doubled between 1973 and 1980, and increased by another 50 percent by 2004. Compounding this statistic, new research from the University of California at Los Angeles suggests that the use of lip gloss may actually increase the risk of skin cancer among women, by allowing more damaging ultraviolet light to penetrate the skin on and around the lips.   “The numbers surrounding melanoma among young women are frightening,” said Jennifer Odell, president of Shady Day Inc. “We hope this new product and our support of the Aim at Melanoma Foundation will help fight the melanoma battle on two fronts. The fact is that more young women are putting themselves at risk everyday by not using sunscreen. And even those young women who protect their faces and bodies need to be aware of the dangers of sun damage to their lips.”