Making an ambitious foray into original consumer content, Tsavo Media ( has announced that it has launched a trio of new sites – , and – as part of its growing Daymix content network. Unlike the static experience of a traditional blog, the three sites offer greater depth, with search, research and cross-linking. All have been built to be modular, dynamic and much more relevant to the consumer’s specific interests and preferences.  Aimed at women and reminiscent of People Magazine, Twirlit showcases celebrity, gossip, fashion, food, beauty and health. A blend of Esquire, Maxim and Rolling Stone, Manolith shines a light on gadgets, style, health and breaking news. Both are targeted at consumers in their mid-20s to mid-40s. Kidglue offers abundant resources for parents – guides of various stripes, how-to pieces, crafts projects, holiday ideas, pregnancy advice and parenting tips.  Developed by a team of freelance writers and bloggers, original content will be unique to each. Content will be cross-promoted on the two sites and throughout the Daymix network.  “Relevance is what sets these sites apart,” said Michael Jones, founder and CEO, Tsavo Media. “Our technology is key. These properties were designed to keep tabs on user behavior, so we can translate that information into delivering a specific experience for that unique user. We’re building an intelligent targeting network that delivers personally relevant content and search experiences.”  The company previously announced the acquisition of OpenSourceFood, which has been integrated into the Daymix network as NibbleDish (  “Over time, we will provide a full experience with the network, so you can go deep with the content you’re interested in,” Jones said. “That applies to anything else that’s relevant to a given consumer on our network. Once Daymix is fully deployed, consumers will see how truly comprehensive it is.”