A recent survey conducted by VibrantNation.com, the online destination for women 50+ and the first peer-to-peer information exchange populated by these smart and passionate women, found that 79% of member respondents revealed they would be watching the big game this past Sunday.  The big question: why aren’t advertisers, during Super Bowl and beyond, paying much attention to an entire segment of healthy, wealthy, well-educated consumers?  The survey, whose results were solicited via the VibrantNation.com e-newsletter which currently reaches more than 8,500 subscribers, also found that 63% of respondents said they planned to watch the entire game, while 16% say they would watch for the commercials and/or Bruce Springsteen’s halftime show (full of commercials itself).  Twenty-one percent (21%) say they planned to “enjoy the day without watching the game.”  “To the degree that our members are indicative of the larger demographic of women 50+, it is possible that a higher percentage of women 50+ than men were watching the February 1 game,” said Stephen Reily, founder and CEO, VibrantNation.com.  Demographic and economic attributes make the potential value of this vibrant demographic undeniable — yet advertisers continue to view these empowered women as ancillary to traditional and digital media be it during the Super Bowl or other times of the year.”  For instance, women 50+ are buying more luxury cars than anyone else, but are virtually ignored by luxury car advertisers. They buy a significant percentage of flowers, drink beer and trade on-line, yet men, particularly younger men, remain the focus of marketers.