According to a survey of site visitors who saw the broadcast and online version of their Super Bowl ads, two out of three women “loved” seeing Danica Patrick “shower.”  This compares to seven out of ten men.  Go Daddy CEO and founder Bob Parsons has always believed GoDaddy-esque commercials worked well, but this year’s sales statistics speak loud and clear, especially in light of the current economic climate. “This Super Bowl ad campaign turned out to be right on the money for us; in fact, I’d say it’s our best work,” Parsons said immediately after the game. “Not only did customers say they liked the ads, more importantly, many voted with their wallets when they signed up as new customers or placed new orders.”  The ads are vintage Go Daddy. Both feature Go Daddy Girl and IndyCar star Danica Patrick. “Shower” features Danica in a shower with a gal pal, as college boys fantasize about manipulating the women with their website. “Baseball” spoofs the steroids scandal with well-endowed women showing off their enhancements.  Go Daddy generated its highest number of new customers on a Super Bowl Sunday, or any Sunday for that matter. Total orders to Go Daddy were up over last year’s Super Bowl record, as well, coming in at 110 percent of the 2008 results.  “We’ve had consistent market share growth with our Super Bowl ads over the years, but what’s different this time is how quickly we converted the new customers,” Parsons pointed out. “Before the game ended we began seeing sales surge.”