Longtime friend of M2Moms(R) and M2W(R) Kelley Skoloda, partner/director, global brand marketing for Ketchum Public Relations, will soon release her first book, Too Busy to Shop:  Marketing to “Multi-Minding” Women and it is already getting great reviews.  Here is the advance review from Publisher’s Weekly:

Too Busy to Shop: Marketing to “Multi-Minding” Women Kelly Murray Skoloda. Greenwood, $34.95 (360p) ISBN 978-0-313-35487-8

If you still consider women a marketing “niche segment,” this book by brand expert Skoloda is a must-read. The author reveals that women not only “control $3.3 trillion in consumer spending,” but also make more than 80% of household purchase decisions and increasingly control this country’s wealth. She asserts that women are far beyond multitasking—they actually “multi-mind”: simultaneously juggle home, family, work, social and financial obligations. In order to reach them, advertisers need to change their tactics, as her research illustrates that these busy women are immune to conventional marketing methods (they routinely Tivo through commercials and are inconvenienced rather than drawn in by new product displays). She presents studies that show women increasingly get shopping advice from friends and family, make purchasing decisions before entering stores and are drawn by “cause connectivity,” a company’s involvement in issues that are meaningful to them. While occasionally repetitive and geared more toward professional marketers than general readers, this book offers a treasure trove of timely insights on how to better understand and engage women consumers.(Mar.)

The book is set to be published March 2009 with an official book launch to be held during the pre-conference reception at the 5th Annual M2W(R)-The Marketing To Women Conference.